Who should be number 2?

Since Trent Edwards all but wrapped up the starting quarterback job for the Bills (Even though it wasn’t much of an open competition), the biggest question now on the QB depth chart is deciding who should be the back-up. From the looks of it, Ryan Fitzpatrick seems like the guy that is going to get the nod. Now, I’m sure Gailey is going to give a very long look at Brian Brohm on Thursday against the Lions. However, I think it makes sense to go with Fitzpatrick as the #2 quarterback when the season starts.

I know, all summer I’ve been hoping for Brohm to take the #2 job because he represents the unknown. However, I’m now changing my tune and it has to do with Trent Edwards. If the Bills are as confident in Edwards as they seem to be regarding his preseason performance, then the job should go to Fitzpatrick.

Statistically speaking, both quarterbacks have almost the same stats for the preseason (Brohm: 14 of 22 for 125 yards. Fitzpatrick: 15 of 23 for 138 yards). The only difference is that Fitzpatrick has guided the Bills to touchdowns (3), while Brohm has been getting Rian Lindel some kicking work (2 FGs).

However, the stats have nothing to do with why I’d go with Fitzpatrick.

When you have an unquestioned #1 quarterback and lets be fair here, Edwards has totally outplayed the field, then you would want the back-up to give you every opportunity to win if called upon because of injury. That’s a role that Fitzpatrick is better at. Even with Brohm being billed as the unknown, the unknown would now hurt the Bills if they see Edwards as being the true starter, because he now has the most upside. When your starter has upside, then there’s no need to have the back-up posses the same quality. Fitzpatrick is a sure thing, albeit, not a great option, but he’s still someone that can win a game or two. I’m not sure if you’d get that with Brohm.

Now, I want everyone to understand that I’m still skeptical about the quarterback situation. Everything looks good so far, but we are judging their performances by preseason accomplishments. If the quarterbacks play like they did last year, then the quarterback depth chart is meaningless because everyone will more than likely have a chance to play.

However, in the meantime, if Edwards is the unquestioned #1 option, you would want a veteran to be the back-up. As for Levi Brown, I couldn’t even tell you a highlight he has had during the exhibition season, besides his Twitter page. Look for him to be on the Bills practice squad come September.

Now, there have been some reports that the Bills may just cut one of the two options in Brohm or Fitz, but I just can’t see them doing that. Especially with Trent’s injury history.

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