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The Bulldog is an idiot

OK, I almost fell off my chair when I just heard the Bulldog compare how much more entertaining it was to watch JP Losman play than Trent Edwards. Are you kidding me? Bulldog used the words “Reckless abandon” when describing … Continue reading

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Dick Jauron can’t teach

I’ve been hearing a lot of fans trashing Trent Edwards play over the preseason. If I’m going to play devil’s advocate when it comes to believing the preseason hype that Edwards play has regressed, then the shoulders of blame should … Continue reading

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Retrospect: Dam you NYC/Pittsburgh/Donahoe

Watching Big Ben and Aaron Rodgers the last two weeks shred the Bills defense got me thinking. What could have been if we lost one more game. It was the 2003 Season, and the Bills were in the mists of … Continue reading

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Bills vs Steelers recap

I’ve been tooting the horn that preseason doesn’t mean jack and we shouldn’t make a big deal about the negatives or positives of it, but after tonight’s game…ehh. Tonight was a debacle, terrible, & embarrassment. Buffalo held the ball just … Continue reading

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Bills vs Steelers Live

Watch live video from Pittsburgh Steelers Pre-Seaon Chat on

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Offensive line to juggle again?

I wrote in an earlier blog how I wasn’t a big fan of the Jason Peters trade. You don’t just trade All-Pro Left Tackles, because they just don’t grow on trees you know. Since the trade, the Bills have revamped … Continue reading

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The most famous toe in Buffalo is back!

Don’t believe me, just check out Owens Twitter page: Yessss!! My toe is healed!! I’m sittin n charlotte airport on layover headed 2 dallas @ CPK! Tht’s california pizza kitchen if u dn’t kno! I don’t know if being at … Continue reading

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