The Briefing

-OK, can we please stop with the name calling of the kids who decided to make immature comments about Trent Edwards’ California and hair roots? For god sakes, I heard WGR’s Paul Hamilton mention the following: “The action of these kids are a testament to the youth of America for lacking respect.” HUH!? Really? Hasn’t your station made a killing off of trashing teams, athletes and callers? Talk about lack of respect. Can you say kettle calling the pot black?-

-The big controversy on Twitter yesterday was how the NHL is trying to kill off bloggers from going to the visiting locker rooms after games. Yeah, that’s a great way to kill off a media source that actually loves to cover your sport. The NHL are lucky to have such a strong blogging community and should realize that main media outlets don’t give a crap about the sport. God forbid if ESPN gives the NHL five minutes a day on Sportscenter

-I’ve never been one to get into this whole New Media vs Old Media war. I really don’t get it-

-So, I watched ESPN’s 30 for 30 on Michael Jordan playing baseball in the summer of 1994. I have to say, that was the biggest Michael Jordan kiss ass spectacle since fans and critics told the world that MJ’s cologne smelled great-

-Someone may have wanted to tell the director that Jordan stunk in baseball and that he wasn’t Bo Jackson or Deion Sanders. Hell, he wasn’t even Drew Henson, Jeff Samardzija, or Fox’s Celebrity Boxers-

-Gotta give Buddy Nix credit for coming out and being direct about his review of Trent Edwards: “Trent had the best camp and has the most talent.” At least he’s shooting from the hip, even though I’m not sure I agree with him on the talent part. Alright, he’s probably correct-

-I’m sure you all know that I hate preseason, but there is just something about this game against Cinncy that I’m actually intrigued about. I think it has to do with Owens and OchoCinco going up against the Bills trio of McKelvin, Florence and McGee. Of course, knowing that this is the 2nd to last preseason game may be the reason why I’m looking forward to it-

-Would I be a tool for deciding to buy the Jill Kelly book??? (Thinking)…Forget it! I’m not doing it-

-Am I the only person in America that hasn’t seen the movie Inception? It’s weird, because I wanted to see it for over a year after I saw the original preview. I just have to motivate myself to get to a theater-

-The more I think about it, the more I think Lee Evans can be a steal in fantasy football drafts. Remember, there’s no T.O. to take away catches and looks from Evans. Plus, having a real offensive coordinator calling the plays shouldn’t hurt-

-You want a sleeper for Fantasy Football? Donovan McNabb. OK, he’s not much of a sleeper, but he’s listed as the 11th QB on Yahoo, and considering what Shanahan has done with QBs, you should take a stab at him. Hell, under Mr. Fake and Bake, Bryan Griese and Jake Plummer passed for 24 and 27 touchdowns in a season. Imagine what he can do with #5?-
-Alright, let me give you one more: Malcom Floyd. It doesn’t look too promising that Vincent Jackson is going to show up in San Diego any time soon, which means Rivers is going to have to throw the ball to someone other than Gates-

-I’m in a good mood, so here’s one more sleeper: Chris Chambers. He played pretty well for the Chiefs down the stretch last year; catching 17 passes for 278 yards in his final four games. He’s actually going undrafted in a lot of leagues, but I still think he’d be a good pick-up late-

-I can’t wait till the season opener for the Bills. Look, I know I haven’t given the team a snowball chance in hell at making the playoffs, but I truly do love football. I get butterflies just thinking about Week 1. It’s awesome and I just love the scene more than anything in sports-

– For week 1, I’m going to a Bills backers bar in NYC called McFaddens. It’s on 42nd and 3rd Avenue in Manhattan. If you’re ever in NYC during football season, you have to check the place out. It’s literally like walking into a bar in Buffalo. Labatt Blue on tap (No NYC bar has Blue), cheesy 80’s rock playing on the loud speakers, and all you can eat wings and beer for 25 bucks. Not to mention, they have like 14 TVs that only plays Bills games-

-Hey, did you know that you can hear me on show called BSN After Hours” on Tuesday nights at 10:30? Well, now you know and your job is to spread the word. Make sure you save the link-

-BTW, I have to give props to BSN and Sal Capaccio for having me on their Justin.TV channel. You can of course listen to Coach Sal’s show every Tuesday at 9:30, where he talks about Bills happenings.

-HUGE plans are coming up for my blog, and that’s all you get for now-

-OK, lets just say that I’ll be moving on upso, stay tuned.
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