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Who should be number 2?

Since Trent Edwards all but wrapped up the starting quarterback job for the Bills (Even though it wasn’t much of an open competition), the biggest question now on the QB depth chart is deciding who should be the back-up. From the looks of it, Ryan Fitzpatrick seems like the guy that is going to get the nod. Now, I’m sure Gailey is going to give a very long look at Brian Brohm on Thursday against the Lions. However, I think it makes sense to go with Fitzpatrick as the #2 quarterback when the season starts.

I know, all summer I’ve been hoping for Brohm to take the #2 job because he represents the unknown. However, I’m now changing my tune and it has to do with Trent Edwards. If the Bills are as confident in Edwards as they seem to be regarding his preseason performance, then the job should go to Fitzpatrick.

Statistically speaking, both quarterbacks have almost the same stats for the preseason (Brohm: 14 of 22 for 125 yards. Fitzpatrick: 15 of 23 for 138 yards). The only difference is that Fitzpatrick has guided the Bills to touchdowns (3), while Brohm has been getting Rian Lindel some kicking work (2 FGs).

However, the stats have nothing to do with why I’d go with Fitzpatrick.

When you have an unquestioned #1 quarterback and lets be fair here, Edwards has totally outplayed the field, then you would want the back-up to give you every opportunity to win if called upon because of injury. That’s a role that Fitzpatrick is better at. Even with Brohm being billed as the unknown, the unknown would now hurt the Bills if they see Edwards as being the true starter, because he now has the most upside. When your starter has upside, then there’s no need to have the back-up posses the same quality. Fitzpatrick is a sure thing, albeit, not a great option, but he’s still someone that can win a game or two. I’m not sure if you’d get that with Brohm.

Now, I want everyone to understand that I’m still skeptical about the quarterback situation. Everything looks good so far, but we are judging their performances by preseason accomplishments. If the quarterbacks play like they did last year, then the quarterback depth chart is meaningless because everyone will more than likely have a chance to play.

However, in the meantime, if Edwards is the unquestioned #1 option, you would want a veteran to be the back-up. As for Levi Brown, I couldn’t even tell you a highlight he has had during the exhibition season, besides his Twitter page. Look for him to be on the Bills practice squad come September.

Now, there have been some reports that the Bills may just cut one of the two options in Brohm or Fitz, but I just can’t see them doing that. Especially with Trent’s injury history.

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My Bengals vs Bills preseason recap

-Wohoo!!! 2nd to last preseason game in the record books!!! Did I ever tell you that I hate preseason football? OK, for a preseason game, it became a statement game. It’s still preseason and in order to write about the game, I must pretend that I care about the exhibition season. Alright, I’m lying, I cared about tonight’s game and was very impressed with the offense. Hopefully, this will be a prelude for things to come, but I remain skeptical because it’s…well, you know–

-Love him or hate him, you gotta give it up to Trent Edwards for his play during the preseason. Over the last two games, he went from Captain Check down to Captain Jack Sparro; guiding the Bills to five preseason touchdowns. He capped off tonight’s outing by completing 13 of 17 passes for 153 yards and a touchdown. When Edwards can work those 10-12 yard routes, he’s pretty affective. Now, two of Edwards touchdown drives went against some second-teamers, but he still played well against the Bengals starters earlier. Another stat going for Edwards was how he averaged over 10 yards a completion, which is impressive for a quarterback not known to stretch the field-

-Beyond the stats, the Trent Edwards that we saw tonight was a guy that was full of confidence, who stepped into the pocket and didn’t stare down the pass rush like last year. He also didn’t get flustered by looking at one read and then dumping it off to the running back. He took his time in the pocket and completed passes to his 3rd and 4th reads. That’s progress, folks-

-After a strange start for CJ Spiller, who was running backwards instead of forward, he ended up putting on a show for the rest of the half by gaining 85 yards in total offense (52 rushing and 33 receiving) and two touchdowns. The guy is so explosive that when he gets the ball in his hands, look out! Something tells me that I’m going to need a dictionary to figure out more ways to describe Spiller’s running ability. The guy is a gamer and I can’t recall a rookie having a better preseason for the Bills-

-On a side note about Spiller: He touched the ball for a total of 14 times in the first half, which would be the around the number I would expect him to get during a regular season game. Have to wonder if the Bills plan on adding to that number when the regular season starts. I’ll admit, seeing the guy run, makes me want to see him play every down. However, I think it would behove the Bills to bring him on slowly-

-To think that Spiller had minus 16 yards on his first three carries and was still able to get to 52 yards by halftime is quite impressive. What is even more impressive is that Chan Gailey didn’t lose confidence in his back and just kept feeding him the rock. Something tells me that if Dick Jauron were still the coach, he would have taken Spiller out of the game for not wanting him to lose confidence or get hurt-

-I’ll be damned! The Bills ran two successful screen plays! And these weren’t crappy 4-5 yard gains or check downs. We are talking about gains of 22 and 18 yards. To think, slow ass Corey McIntyre got 18 yards on a screen pass. That should tell you that the Bills executed the play to perfection-

-I’ll be damned #2?!? Roscoe Parrish finally showed something in the passing game by catching 4 passes for 56 yards and a touchdown. What made Parrish more affective tonight was being put in position to make plays after the catch. That’s how the Bills have to use the Miami product. He’s not going to be a possession receiver, but if he’s put in position to make runs after the catch, he’s going to be dangerous. Just get the guy in open space and you may have found a nice slot receiver-

-I’ll say this: I’m so looking forward to see what the Bills will do with the wildcat offense when Fred Jackson and Marshawn Lynch return from injury. The biggest reason why the formation worked in Miami had to do with defenses not being sure who would get the ball in the backfield. When you have two dynamic backs like Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams, it makes it difficult for defenses to hone in on two players who might get the ball. I can’t think of a reason why the Bills running backs can’t duplicate the same success-

-So…who is still excited about the Bills 3-4 defense?! Yeah, me neither. Look, preseason or not, allowing six touchdowns against the opposition’s first team offense isn’t something you can just chalk up to August football rust. The Bills biggest weakness on defense are their linebackers, who can can’t cover tight ends or rush the passer. My advice: If you have a tight end on your fantasy football and he’s going against the Bills, you should start him….immediately! Other than my fantasy advice, it’s going to be a long learning process for the Bills to transition to a 3-4 defense-

-Memo to Bills secondary: Maybe when Drayton Florence compared himself to Mr. Freeze, he didn’t realize that the 4th Batman film was a complete flop and that The Terminator didn’t do justice in playing the role of the villain. The Bills secondary got burned tonight by Palmer and company and should probably ease up on the trash talking on Twitter-

-Are you a little concerned that Lee Evans caught only one pass?

-Jordan Palmer and Carson Palmer= Johnny Drama and Vincent Chase (Entourage)-

-You know things are going great for the Bills when you read the box score to see that James Hardy caught a pass for 30 yards and Aaron Maybin had a sack. Good job, boys! It’s just too bad that you can’t play against second-teamers, who will be bagging groceries when the regular season starts. All kidding aside, good showing from Maybin-
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The Briefing

-OK, can we please stop with the name calling of the kids who decided to make immature comments about Trent Edwards’ California and hair roots? For god sakes, I heard WGR’s Paul Hamilton mention the following: “The action of these kids are a testament to the youth of America for lacking respect.” HUH!? Really? Hasn’t your station made a killing off of trashing teams, athletes and callers? Talk about lack of respect. Can you say kettle calling the pot black?-

-The big controversy on Twitter yesterday was how the NHL is trying to kill off bloggers from going to the visiting locker rooms after games. Yeah, that’s a great way to kill off a media source that actually loves to cover your sport. The NHL are lucky to have such a strong blogging community and should realize that main media outlets don’t give a crap about the sport. God forbid if ESPN gives the NHL five minutes a day on Sportscenter

-I’ve never been one to get into this whole New Media vs Old Media war. I really don’t get it-

-So, I watched ESPN’s 30 for 30 on Michael Jordan playing baseball in the summer of 1994. I have to say, that was the biggest Michael Jordan kiss ass spectacle since fans and critics told the world that MJ’s cologne smelled great-

-Someone may have wanted to tell the director that Jordan stunk in baseball and that he wasn’t Bo Jackson or Deion Sanders. Hell, he wasn’t even Drew Henson, Jeff Samardzija, or Fox’s Celebrity Boxers-

-Gotta give Buddy Nix credit for coming out and being direct about his review of Trent Edwards: “Trent had the best camp and has the most talent.” At least he’s shooting from the hip, even though I’m not sure I agree with him on the talent part. Alright, he’s probably correct-

-I’m sure you all know that I hate preseason, but there is just something about this game against Cinncy that I’m actually intrigued about. I think it has to do with Owens and OchoCinco going up against the Bills trio of McKelvin, Florence and McGee. Of course, knowing that this is the 2nd to last preseason game may be the reason why I’m looking forward to it-

-Would I be a tool for deciding to buy the Jill Kelly book??? (Thinking)…Forget it! I’m not doing it-

-Am I the only person in America that hasn’t seen the movie Inception? It’s weird, because I wanted to see it for over a year after I saw the original preview. I just have to motivate myself to get to a theater-

-The more I think about it, the more I think Lee Evans can be a steal in fantasy football drafts. Remember, there’s no T.O. to take away catches and looks from Evans. Plus, having a real offensive coordinator calling the plays shouldn’t hurt-

-You want a sleeper for Fantasy Football? Donovan McNabb. OK, he’s not much of a sleeper, but he’s listed as the 11th QB on Yahoo, and considering what Shanahan has done with QBs, you should take a stab at him. Hell, under Mr. Fake and Bake, Bryan Griese and Jake Plummer passed for 24 and 27 touchdowns in a season. Imagine what he can do with #5?-
-Alright, let me give you one more: Malcom Floyd. It doesn’t look too promising that Vincent Jackson is going to show up in San Diego any time soon, which means Rivers is going to have to throw the ball to someone other than Gates-

-I’m in a good mood, so here’s one more sleeper: Chris Chambers. He played pretty well for the Chiefs down the stretch last year; catching 17 passes for 278 yards in his final four games. He’s actually going undrafted in a lot of leagues, but I still think he’d be a good pick-up late-

-I can’t wait till the season opener for the Bills. Look, I know I haven’t given the team a snowball chance in hell at making the playoffs, but I truly do love football. I get butterflies just thinking about Week 1. It’s awesome and I just love the scene more than anything in sports-

– For week 1, I’m going to a Bills backers bar in NYC called McFaddens. It’s on 42nd and 3rd Avenue in Manhattan. If you’re ever in NYC during football season, you have to check the place out. It’s literally like walking into a bar in Buffalo. Labatt Blue on tap (No NYC bar has Blue), cheesy 80’s rock playing on the loud speakers, and all you can eat wings and beer for 25 bucks. Not to mention, they have like 14 TVs that only plays Bills games-

-Hey, did you know that you can hear me on show called BSN After Hours” on Tuesday nights at 10:30? Well, now you know and your job is to spread the word. Make sure you save the link-

-BTW, I have to give props to BSN and Sal Capaccio for having me on their Justin.TV channel. You can of course listen to Coach Sal’s show every Tuesday at 9:30, where he talks about Bills happenings.

-HUGE plans are coming up for my blog, and that’s all you get for now-

-OK, lets just say that I’ll be moving on upso, stay tuned.
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Is Ralph Wilson stuck in the wrong era?

OK, I know.

Judging by the headline you probably think I’m going to bash Wilson’s spending habits. Well, not today, but I may have a blog about that in the near future. However, this blog is about whether Ralph Wilson’s vision of creating a football team is up to date. Actually, it’s more like dissecting the way Ralph Wilson would construct his team.

Before I get into Ralph’s blueprint for a football team, I just want to make one thing perfectly clear: Ralph Wilson will always have a say in personnel. Jerry Sullivan has mentioned it a bunch of times on how Ralph was all over the drafting of Marshawn Lynch and Trent Edwards. Plus, there’s a reason why Tom Modrak is still with the organization: He gets along with the owner. Bottom line: Ralph has a major say.

From one owner to another, fans and media members who follow the Oakland Raiders have mentioned that Al Davis always sticks to his guns for the way he builds his teams. Since the 60’s, the emperor of Raiders Nation has always been in love with the following:

1) The vertical passing game.

2) Strong armed quarterbacks.

3) Loves speed more than a drug addict and Richard Petty.

4) Loves cornerbacks.

Now, over the years, Davis has been getting a ton of backlash from fans and media for being hard headed with his ways. Seven straight seasons of 10 losses or more will do that to you. I can only assume that Davis won’t change his ways because he has three Super Bowl rings as the architect of the Raiders. So, who would know better to construct a Super Bowl team than someone that has multiple championships? I’m sure that’s Al’s thought process. It’s funny when you listen to the owner’s interviews. For instance, he spoke to reporters on how Jason Campbell reminds him of Jim Plunket. Al always seems to reach into the old memory bank to compare his players of today to yesteryears. I can’t help but think that maybe another original AFL owner might have the same thought process.

Like Davis, Wilson has been around football for over five decades and I think his criteria of building a football team may have stayed the same. Here are a few football philosophies that I have come up with about Wilson:

1) Ralph Wilson loves running backs. Since 1997, the Bills have drafted five running backs in the first two rounds of the draft (A. Smith, Travis Henry, Willis McGahee, Marshawn Lynch and CJ Spiller), which ties for the most backs selected by a team (Carolina Panthers) in those rounds.

2) Ralph Wilson doesn’t care about tight ends. Since 1985, the highest the Bills have drafted a tight end was in the 2nd round (the immortal Lonnie Johnson)

3) Ralph Wilson doesn’t use first round picks on quarterbacks as much as you think.

4) Ralph Wilson use to NOT pay for cornerbacks.

My View on Wilson’s love for running backs
I’m sure we all know how many experts and fans have spoken up about running backs being a dime a dozen. I could give a list of pro bowl running backs that have been selected on day two of the NFL draft. So, why do the Bills continue to draft running backs in the 1st round and give $31-million in guarantee money to Lynch and Spiller?

Maybe, because Ralph Wilson selected OJ Simpson with first pick of the 1969 NFL Draft. Think about it, before Jim Kelly and Thurman Thomas walked onto the field at the Stadium, OJ Simpson was “Thee Guy” in Bills folklore. He made a lot of money for Ralph Wilson and was the sort of player you would pay to see. Wilson may think that lightning may strike twice by drafting running backs so high.

Now in fairness, Wilson has actually had a nice track record with picking up running backs early in the draft. Now, when I say that, I’m disregarding off the field issues (OJ with the missing glove and Marshawn Lynch with the missing license plates). Joe Cribbs and Thurman Thomas were former 2nd round picks who played exceptionally well for the Bills. Say what you will about McGahee, but when he started for the Bills in 2004, he was as dynamic of a running back as you can get.

Bottom line: Even though you can find a running back off the streets or late in the draft, Mr. Wilson isn’t about to test that theory.

My view on Ralph Wilson not caring for tight ends
I could go on forever about my disdain towards the way the Bills have treated the tight end position. Do we even know who our starting tight end is this year?!! The Bills have never had a tight end go over 70 catches or 700 yards for a season and I couldn’t even tell you the last time one went over 100 yards in a game.

Now, back in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s the tight end position hardly ever made a impact in the passing game. Hell, I couldn’t even name you five tight ends that played during that time frame. The reason being is that tight ends were hardly used in the passing game and were mostly used for blocking.

Did you know that up until 1994, only four tight ends had gained over a 1,000 yards in an NFL season? Like..EVER?! I’m talking 70 years worth!

Those players were Kellen Winslow Sr., Ozzie Newsome, Joe Senser and Todd Christensen. Not to mention, there were no tight ends that went over 1,000 yards during the 70’s. Last year alone, three tight ends went over the 1,000 yard mark. Do I even need to really dissect the history of the tight end for the Bills? Robert Royal? Lonnie Johnson? Mark Campbell? Keith McKellar?

And I’m sorry, I know there are some Pete Metzelaars fans up in here, but the guy was awful in the passing game. He would do the same thing every time he caught a football. You know how in school they would teach you that if you get catch on fire, you should just fall to the ground and roll? Well, that’s how Metzelaars would react after catching a pass. He’d make a reception 5-7 yards down the field and then he’d just drop to the ground and roll. Yes, I know, he’s a great blocker and Jim Kelly loved him.
Back to the present, and in a nutshell, lets just say that if you play fantasy football, more than likely, a Bills tight end isn’t going to be on your roster. I don’t know what gives with the Bills, but the team has failed to utilize their tight ends. One would assume that drafting guys in the 5th round or cutting Joe Klopefenstein 10 times aren’t the answers. Again, I’d like to think that RW understands that the tight end position has evolved over the years. However, judging by the production, it doesn’t seem like he does.

My view on Ralph Wilson using first round picks on QBs
Honestly, this is probably the weakest reason for figuring out Wilson’s methods of building a team. The Bills owner has had mixed results in using first round picks on quarterbacks. However, when he hits on them, it’s blackjack and when he doesn’t hit, it’s a HUGE bust.

Here’s the strange thing about Wilson and the history of starting quarterbacks for the Bills: If I were to ask you to take a guess on “how has the franchise found their starting quarterbacks?” I’d bet that 7 out of 10 people would say that the team has mostly drafted a QB in the first round.

Actually, it’s not really the case.

In the Bills 51 years in existence, they have only drafted three quarterbacks in the first round: Richie Lucas (1960), Jim Kelly (1983) and JP Losman (2004). Now, the Bills had traded two first round picks for quarterbacks (Rob Johnson in 1998 and Drew Bledsoe in 2002). So really, the Bills haven’t addressed the quarterback via the first round as much as we have probably thought. I’m not sure where the thought process is nowadays for the Bills. They haven’t drafted a quarterback in the first round since 2004 and NFL teams for the most part, besides the Saints and Patriots, have starting QBs who were drafted in the first round.

My view on Ralph Wilson NOW paying for cornerbacks
I use to always give Wilson crap for using first round picks on cornerbacks; only to let them leave after their rookie deals expired. Guys like Antoine Winfield, Nate Clements, Thomas Smith, and Jeff Burris were all first round picks that didn’t see 2nd contracts from the Bills. You can also include Nate Odomes and Jabari Greer in that mix.

That changed last year. Wilson did the unthinkable by giving Terrence McGee a multi-year contract extension. I don’t know what made Wilson decide to change things up. It’s interesting, because this day and age, the referees are calling a lot more illegal contact penalties down the field and cornerbacks are now being pushed to the back burner of team requirements. Bill Parcells (Who I hold a candle to) said that he would never spend a high draft pick on a cornerback because of how the NFL rules are now more in favor of the receivers than the corners. Hey, the NFL wants a passing league and will do everything to get the job done.

So, maybe Ralph is done with the whole drafting corners in the first round and that’s why he extended McGee. Then again, if corners are being downgraded, then why give a lucrative contract extension to McGee?

BTW, I’m sure a lot of you would have mentioned paying mega bucks for coaches and more scouts, but for this blog, I decided to go about it on the field.

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Gailey sounds off + Audio of me!!

Moments after the Bills’ final practice at training camp, head coach Chan Gailey walked over towards the stands and chewed out a group of teenage fans that were heckling some of the players, most notably quarterback Trent Edwards.

After telling the fans the players wouldn’t be signing their autographs, he offered this parting shot:

“You dog one of us, you dog all of us!”

Gailey also told the fans, who stood in stunned silence, the players would not be coming to sign autographs for them.

”They said some things during practice that were derogatory to a couple of our players,” Gailey explained to the media a few minutes later. “And if you say something derogatory to one of us you say it to all of us, so I told [the players] not to sign for that group.”

Perhaps Gailey would have been wise to rise above the taunts, but he defended his position.

“In my opinion, if you do something you tell people why,” he said. “When we make a decision with our football team, I tell them why. I told [the players] why we weren’t going to [sign autographs] and I told [the group of fans] why we weren’t coming over there.” -Allen Wilson of the Buffalo News-

Mind of Joe
Well, Chan Gailey decided to do his version of the Soup Nazi by saying “No autographs for you!?!” When I first heard the news, I was a little disappointed in Gailey for telling a bunch of kids to pipe down. It just reeked of being thin-skinned. Then, after I thought about it, I just couldn’t help but think, “Seriously, you’re going to practice to boo these guys?” That was just a little bit too much for me. I mean, we are talking about practice here ( Allen Iverson’s voice).

BTW, I don’t think it was a isolated situation either. If you don’t follow Kawika Mitchell on Twitter, he actually tweeted about not liking it when fans boo the Bills during training camp sessions. So, this was probably building up for weeks with this squad. So, if I’m forced to pick a side in all this, I’ll go with Gailey. Fans shouldn’t be booing players during practice.

Hell, these guys are going to end up giving autographs to you; so, you should be a little nicer to them. Now, when the regular season starts and the team is playing like complete garbage and you paid your money for a ticket, then all bets are off. I just hope that this episode wasn’t about Gailey being thin-skinned and more about showing team unity. Gailey better understand that when November hits and the Bills might be struggling, the catcalls from Ralph Wilson Stadium are going to be much worse than some teenagers heckling Trent Edwards’ hair.

Now, here is where you and I will probably not see eye to eye. All this talk about loving this move because Gailey is preaching team unity or whatever, is kind of a little overkill. Sure, it’s cool and all, but some fans and media memembers were acting like they were listening to Knute Rockne telling his players “to win one for the Gipper.” I know it’s preseason and a lot of Bills fans are looking for any silver lining to be optimistic about this season. Yes, Gailey’s training camps are harder than his predecessors, which has been the battle cry. However, to say that this is going to bring the team together?


Don’t we remember the last three years? Didn’t all the players love Dick Jauron? Didn’t the players talk about the team being a big old happy family? Didn’t all the players want to fight for Dick Jauron’s job? Didn’t Dick Jauron defend his players? And what did team unity get us?


Yes, call me “Mr. Negative” all you want, but I’m waiting for the season to start to pass judgement. Hell, I’m waiting till year two of Chan Gailey’s regime to see if progress is being made. Sorry, but for me, it’s a rebuilding job and we haven’t even seen a regular season game yet to really call what we have here. Trust me, I’m not trying to crap on Gailey, but I just want to reserve judgement till later.

Now, if these are the sort of qualifications that get Bills fans excited about the team, then I think I’d be a good coach during the preseason! Hell, I’m fiery! I can tell a bunch of punks to get lost and not to mess with my guys. I can make my players practice until they drop. Again, talk to me down the road. I think it’s fair for me to grade Gailey when the season actually starts.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I don’t buy or sell training camp hype. I could go over a 100 stories in the last 10 years that have made fans glow with optimism over things they saw in August. From Gregg Williams being a X’s and O’s coach to Rob Johnson looking good in the west coast offense, it’s all a bunch of PR fluff.

Bottom line: The Bills can sign camp fires all they want, but they still need the talent.

I’m back at BSN doing my weekly spot on “BSN After Hours.” It’s broken up into two parts…Here’s what we tackled:
1) Do you miss T.O.?
2) Buffalo Bills memories
3) Even “Coach” Sal Capaccio comes through with some of his favorite memories
4) My rant on games in Toronto

Watch live video from Coach Sal’s Network on Justin.tv

Watch live video from Coach Sal’s Network on Justin.tv

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So…do you miss him?

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Admit it!…OK, even I can’t admit it, but don’t you kind of miss Terrell Owens? Yes, I’m writing a blog about him because he and Chad Ocho Cinco are coming to town for the preseason tilt this weekend. Look, I’d be the last person to feed into T.O.’s gigantic ego. I totally think he used Buffalo as much as we used him for football by suckering our city into being his opening montage for his reality TV career. Honestly, I was pretty much cool with the guy until his whole ditching of practice to venture into Toronto for a autograph session. However, even though I dumped T.O., like many jilted lovers, I still think about him once in a blue moon (Cue the tears).

Yes, I’ll admit, I had flashbacks after watching T.O. do his best self-promotion with Ocho Cinco on ESPN and during their preseason game. Even still, that really didn’t get me going that much. What got me was when he wrote a personal letter to the city of Cincinnati a personal; telling fans to mark February 6th (The Super Bowl) on their calender. He also mentioned a number of other pleasantries, but that was the one that stuck with me.

Ah, yes….the hype machine is in full effect in Ohio and I kind of miss that for WNY.

Look, anyone who says that they were the sole voice of reason against Owens signing here and didn’t envision a more exciting offense are full of it. Sure, some will claim that the offensive line was in flux going into last season. However, in 2008, the Bills biggest problem was easy to dissect: The offense didn’t put enough points on the board and were easily defended in the passing game. Owens seemed like a missing ingredient.

In all honestly, all the hoopla you hear from people in media about how the Owens signing was a waste were just pissed off because he didn’t give them any sort of bulletin board material that they were all hoping for. Now, these people weren’t saying that in December, instead, they were going full anti-Owens in the fall. Frankly, Owens was dull as s#!t with the media and was highly resented by the press core because of that.

Another thing that I kind of missed about the old battle axe was how he made Buffalo seem more relevant. Yes, I know, by November of last year, Owens was nothing more than a after thought in the national media. However, from March to September, I could actually carry a conversation with these damn idiot New Yorkers, who didn’t know diddly pooh about the Bills.

You have to understand, I’m envious of most of my readers who are living in Buffalo. They can go to their jobs or schools and just turn around to their fellow classmate or worker, and just shoot the s#$t about the Bills. You think I can talk to anyone about Chan Gailey or Buddy Nix? Hell, no, because everyone wants to talk about Rex Ryan swearing his brains out on HBO. T.O. was my only way to carry a conversation with these idiots. I miss being able to do that.

There’s a reason why I’m in every single Buffalo News chat. I know most of you will think that I’m just trying to stir s#$t up or be heard, but it’s really about hearing people talk about the Bills. That’s honestly the thing I miss the most about not living in Buffalo: it’s being able to talk local sports. Besides the whole conversing with New Yorkers, I didn’t mind being able to turn on ESPN and hear the talking heads speak about Buffalo.

Now, the big question, what could Owens bring to the Bills this year? Well, I’m sure he’d be a better option than Stevie Johnson or whoever the hell is going to be the 2nd option on this team. However, the Bills are rebuilding and with Owens being at the end of the line, starting him would only stunt the growth of the other young wide receivers. Plus, you don’t add a guy like Owens to your team when you are rebuilding a team.

So, there. I miss the hype of Owens, but I totally get why it’s better for the Bills to move on and retool without him. I still think he used the city of Buffalo to propel his reality TV star to the heavens, but at least he kind of made it fun…up until the start of last season.
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