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T.O. Daily

The T.O. show may be doing good ratings wise for VH1, but a lot of fans across America aren’t tuning in because they love him. released a survey saying that the flamboyant wide receiver is the 4th most disliked … Continue reading

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Bills Twitters for 7/31

 Ka_Mitchell55 Where is everybody? It’s been to quiet n twitterland. (Editors Note: Blogging)  AaronMaybin58 Only thru experience of trial & suffering can the soul b strengthened, vision cleared, ambition inspired, & success achieved. (Editors Note: When you’re done channeling your … Continue reading

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Mike Vick to the Pats?

Multiple blogs and online sites are reporting that Mike Vick was spotted on an airplane heading to Boston. The Vick rumors spread to training camp for the Pats where The Hoodie was asked by reporters today if the Patriots were … Continue reading

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Top 5: How would I run the Bills

My lifelong Dream Before you start thinking that I’m going to state the obvious; fire everyone and hire Bill Parcells, trade for Tom Brady, hire Jim Kelly as GM. This is not the case. This blog is about owning the … Continue reading

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Marv Levy getting pranked on Empire Sports

3 best parts:1)Marv was legitimately going to answer the question.2)Marv’s look after being asked3)McGuire and his stupid joke, which would of got him fired today

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Bills Twitters for 7/30

 AaronMaybin58 1 of the common failings among the honorable, is a failure 2 realize how dishonorable other people can be,& how dangerous it is 2 trust them (Editors Note: Very happy your reading philosophy, now get your ass to camp!) … Continue reading

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T.O. Daily: Now you can have T.O. for breakfast

Cue Music: “Tops never stops, saving you more. Tops never stops, look what T.O.’s got.” Remember that terrible song during the 90’s. Well Tops is making a comeback. T.O. formally introduced his new cereal, T.O.’s Honey Toasted Oats sold exclusively … Continue reading

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