So…do you miss him?

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Admit it!…OK, even I can’t admit it, but don’t you kind of miss Terrell Owens? Yes, I’m writing a blog about him because he and Chad Ocho Cinco are coming to town for the preseason tilt this weekend. Look, I’d be the last person to feed into T.O.’s gigantic ego. I totally think he used Buffalo as much as we used him for football by suckering our city into being his opening montage for his reality TV career. Honestly, I was pretty much cool with the guy until his whole ditching of practice to venture into Toronto for a autograph session. However, even though I dumped T.O., like many jilted lovers, I still think about him once in a blue moon (Cue the tears).

Yes, I’ll admit, I had flashbacks after watching T.O. do his best self-promotion with Ocho Cinco on ESPN and during their preseason game. Even still, that really didn’t get me going that much. What got me was when he wrote a personal letter to the city of Cincinnati a personal; telling fans to mark February 6th (The Super Bowl) on their calender. He also mentioned a number of other pleasantries, but that was the one that stuck with me.

Ah, yes….the hype machine is in full effect in Ohio and I kind of miss that for WNY.

Look, anyone who says that they were the sole voice of reason against Owens signing here and didn’t envision a more exciting offense are full of it. Sure, some will claim that the offensive line was in flux going into last season. However, in 2008, the Bills biggest problem was easy to dissect: The offense didn’t put enough points on the board and were easily defended in the passing game. Owens seemed like a missing ingredient.

In all honestly, all the hoopla you hear from people in media about how the Owens signing was a waste were just pissed off because he didn’t give them any sort of bulletin board material that they were all hoping for. Now, these people weren’t saying that in December, instead, they were going full anti-Owens in the fall. Frankly, Owens was dull as s#!t with the media and was highly resented by the press core because of that.

Another thing that I kind of missed about the old battle axe was how he made Buffalo seem more relevant. Yes, I know, by November of last year, Owens was nothing more than a after thought in the national media. However, from March to September, I could actually carry a conversation with these damn idiot New Yorkers, who didn’t know diddly pooh about the Bills.

You have to understand, I’m envious of most of my readers who are living in Buffalo. They can go to their jobs or schools and just turn around to their fellow classmate or worker, and just shoot the s#$t about the Bills. You think I can talk to anyone about Chan Gailey or Buddy Nix? Hell, no, because everyone wants to talk about Rex Ryan swearing his brains out on HBO. T.O. was my only way to carry a conversation with these idiots. I miss being able to do that.

There’s a reason why I’m in every single Buffalo News chat. I know most of you will think that I’m just trying to stir s#$t up or be heard, but it’s really about hearing people talk about the Bills. That’s honestly the thing I miss the most about not living in Buffalo: it’s being able to talk local sports. Besides the whole conversing with New Yorkers, I didn’t mind being able to turn on ESPN and hear the talking heads speak about Buffalo.

Now, the big question, what could Owens bring to the Bills this year? Well, I’m sure he’d be a better option than Stevie Johnson or whoever the hell is going to be the 2nd option on this team. However, the Bills are rebuilding and with Owens being at the end of the line, starting him would only stunt the growth of the other young wide receivers. Plus, you don’t add a guy like Owens to your team when you are rebuilding a team.

So, there. I miss the hype of Owens, but I totally get why it’s better for the Bills to move on and retool without him. I still think he used the city of Buffalo to propel his reality TV star to the heavens, but at least he kind of made it fun…up until the start of last season.
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2 Responses to So…do you miss him?

  1. Dan says:

    No i don't miss Owens. I hardly care about being relevant to the National Media. You care because you want to talk to stupid Jets fans(Are they going to the superbowl again this year?) about the Bills.I am more concerned with being GOOD again. T.O. Was a marketing ploy and as a football move a Band-AID on a gaping wound. We needed a QB, consistent line, a coach who doesn't punt on fourth and inches from the 36 yard line, and some luck from injuries.Take away that 98 yard TD from Fitz and does anyone argue for him anymore?

  2. joe says:

    Dan, I agree he stunk. But I was talking about March to September and missing the hype.

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