Fantasy football focus: Buffalo Bills

I love fantasy football. I think it makes you more of a fan of the NFL and when your team’s game is finished, you can then focus on your fantasy team. Anybody that despises fantasy football probably hates it because they are sick of people who stroll into work and bitch about the injuries of Tom Brady and Adrian Peterson.

Anyways, I’ve been meaning to write more about fantasy sports and now is the perfect time to unveil my amazing expertise on fantasy football. In a nut shell:

1) I value running backs more so than any other position. I always try to avoid drafting running backs who are a part of a committee.

2) I think this is a great year to get value at the wide receiver position late.

3) I always try and draft a tight end in the 4th round.

4) I think QBs should be drafted in the 5th or 6th round.

Buffalo Bills:

Yeah, um…….whoever becomes the starting quarterback for the Buffalo Bills should NOT be on your fantasy football team. Period! In case you need a background history on the position, the Bills haven’t had a 300 yard passer since 2006, the last quarterback to throw for 20 plus touchdowns was Drew Bledsoe in 2002, and they have ranked 25th or lower in passing offense for seven straight seasons. Should I go on?

My projection: Don’t draft!!!

Running back
Fantasy owners, meet your worst nightmare: The Bills running back situation. I hate-HATE- having running back by committee guys on my fantasy team. How many times have you watched your fantasy back go from 100 yards one week, only to have his teammate get the bulk of carries the next week? I hate it! The Bills have three very capable backs in CJ Spiller, Fred Jackson and Marshawn Lynch.

Now, it looks like Jackson and Lynch should be ready by week 2 of this season, so, I don’t really think your strategy should change for these guys. Here’s the problem with this committee, for one, I couldn’t tell you who will get goal lines for the Bills. Spiller doesn’t seem like the type of player that you can have just barrel into the endzone. Jackson and Lynch are kind of interchangeable in short yardage, so I can see a scenario where Gailey switches it up on every occasion. Then, you have the ball distribution question, are the Bills going to have each back get 33% of the carries? Probably not. But, I still think the 3rd guy will get carries. It’s just a situation that I would rather just avoid all together.

Now, if you want to draft one of these guys, I’d go with Spiller because he would be able to get you kickoff and punt return yardage in most leagues. Not to mention, if the Bills go down in flames this year, the Bills will give more carries to Spiller. It’s your standard situation with a rebuidling team; always looking to get your younger players more playing time. Its always about getting younger players involved when the season turns to dust. Bottom line: I wouldn’t want a Bills running back to be my starter, but as a 3rd option, that could work.

My projection: Spiller should be nothing more than your 3rd string back.

Wide Receiver
How many times have you felt like you got a steal by drafting Lee Evans as your 3rd wide receiver, only to have him crash and burn to the ground? Evans has only two 1,000 yard seasons for his career and really hasn’t come close to eclipsing his breakout 2006 campaign.

Now, I know I’ve been one to bad mouth the Bills quarterbacks as being nothing more than a choice between hell and purgatory, but if Ryan Fitzpatrick gets the job, Evans value should rise ever so slightly. Fitzpatrick is known to take more chances down the field, where as Edwards is Mr. Captain Check down. We all know that Evans’ game is all about going deep and Edwards hasn’t proven to be the type of quarterback to deliver him the ball on a rope.

Now, I’m going to tell you this: I think this is the year that Evans bounces back and can be a #3 wide receiver on your team. I’ve noticed that Evans has been going really late in yahoo drafts, but the one thing going for him is that Chan Gailey knows how to take care of his #1 wide receivers. As an NFL head coach or offensive coordinator, Gailey has had 6 different wide receivers go over the 1,000 yard mark for a season. Something tells me that through hell or high water, Evans will do better than his 44-catch performance from last season.

My projection: Evans can be had in the 12th-13th round in some mock drafts, which I think is a steal for owners.

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One Response to Fantasy football focus: Buffalo Bills

  1. Dan says:

    Wow, I pretty much disagree with all of your philosophies. I would like to play in a league with you. Oh, and Spiller is a great pick up in PPR leagues.

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