Random Thoughts: Fans wanting Kotalik…My Sabres wishlist…What I’m looking forward to with the Bills..and Vincent Jackson

—I must have been drunk or on some serious drugs when I came on Twitter the other day. You see, twitterites were leaving statuses about wanting to have Ales Kotalik return to the Sabres. Then I thought, wait, I don’t do drugs and I’m not drinking (at the moment), this is really happening!! People, I understand we are desperate for the Sabres to make any move possible. Hell, I’d think if the Sabres signed any guy that played 80 games at the NHL level last year, there would be some sort of parade.

However, Kotalik?? Are you nuts!? Kotalik makes Tim Connolly look like Danny Briere. Do I even need to get into how his intensity resembles a bologna sandwich? Sorry, but I don’t care how good he performs in shootouts, I wouldn’t touch him with a ten foot pole. Honestly, I don’t want to sound sexist, but I think the majority of fans that want him to return, happen to be girls. For whatever reason, some girls find the guy to be attractive. Anyways, he’s not coming back. So, enjoy the KHL, Ales—

—I know this won’t happen and I don’t even know why I’m even blogging about it, but why not give the San Diego Chargers a call and see what it would take to get Vincent Jackson. Jackson is an incredible talent and is coming off back to back 1,000 yard seasons. I know he would cost the Bills a lot in salary and compensation (2nd and 4th), but he does have ties with Buddy Nix and my confidence in James Hardy and Stevie Johnson isn’t exactly sky high. More importantly, Jackson is still very young and would offer size and ability to catch balls in traffic that has been missing from the Bills since, well, last year with Terrell Owens—

—I know the word excitement and the upcoming Bills 2010 season aren’t exactly going to go hand and foot. However, I have to say that I’m kind of intrigued to see how Chan Gailey utilizes Fred Jackson, Marshawn Lynch and CJ Spiller. I know most fans and media members are too busy trying to figure out ways to poke holes at Lynch staying in a Bills uniform. However, if you put aside your dislike towards Lynch, you could easily make the case that the Bills running back situation may be the team’s strongest position.

The cool part is that all three running backs bring something different to the table. Spiller is the scat back, who is going to be used primarily in the passing game and is that home run threat the Bills desperately need. Lynch can be the type of back that can break tackles and has a tendency to make something out of nothing. Jackson can kind of do it all with running, catching and blocking. If the Bills have any chance in going…um, 7-9, they need for their running game to really take the pressure off their below average quarterback play and their new 3-4 defense—

—Alright, so we are on the eve of NHL free agency. Man, you know Sabres fans hate this time of year. It’s as if you’re at the school dance and everyone is asked to tango, yet, you’re the only person sitting there alone and looking on in a jealous state of mind. Yes, that’s free agency in a nut shell. Look, I can sit here and list you a bunch of free agents or guys that seem to be on the trading block. Instead, I’m going to make this simple: The Sabres need to find a legit playmaking center and a puck moving defenseman. These seem to be the first two qualifications on anyone’s wish list. However, I’d like to add one more qualification to the list. I’d love to get a defenseman, whose M.O. is to decleat (or is it deskate?) any offensive player that skates in the offensive zone.

I remember watching the Bruins/Sabres series and the one player that jumped out at me was Johnny Boychuk. No, it wasn’t because he injured Thomas Vanek in game 2, but it was because the Sabres didn’t have anyone like him on the blueline. I know everyone is all about finding a playmaking defenseman, but I’d love to have someone that would be able to put the fear of god into the opposition—

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