Bills OTA thoughts

—Can we please stop with the Marshawn Lynch OTA watch? Look, I’m probably more forgiving of Lynch’s stupidity than the next person, but I just don’t really give a crap if he’s attending OTAs or not. It’s fricken May and he’s currently the 3rd string running back on the team. Unless the team is running the wishbone offense, he’s not going to get much playing time. This is nothing more than the media’s attempt to milk a story, because there happens to be nothing going on during these stupid mini-camps. Oh, and BTW, don’t give me this crap about him missing an opportunity to learn under the new coaching staff. Do you really think he’s going to learn a lot from the new playbook by jogging in shorts?—

—If the media really wants to go after someone for not attending the ever so important OTAs, how about Aaron Schobel? You know, the guy who thinks he’s Brett Favre and can take his sweet time in making a decision on his playing future. He’s tied with Brian Moorman for seniority on this team and acts as if he doesn’t need to worry about the other 52 guys in the locker room. To add insult to injury, he’s also sporting a 50 million dollar contract and is projected to start at outside linebacker. Yeah, I get it, the media hates Marshawn Lynch and it’s a lot easier to pick on someone that the majority of the fans can’t stand—

—Biggest pet peeve: Football players that start kissing asses of their new coaches and at the same time, start sh#tting on the previous regime. It has only been, what? Three days since the veterans have been participating in workouts, and already a number of players are politicking their way into Chan Gailey’s heart. You got Lee Evans talking as if Chan Gailey was the founding father of the west coast offense. I think Evans may have used the illustrious when describing Gailey’s career in the NFL. Seriously? Yeah, he really made Jay Fiedler into a household name. Can you imagine what Evans would have said if Mike Shanahan was calling the plays? I think he would have gotten a tattoo of his playbook on his back—

—Then you get Trent Edwards talking about the terminology being a different language than from Jauron’s playbook. And of course, you get Donte Whitner talking about how Jauron was way too easy on them during practices. Nice, huh. Wasn’t it just a year ago that all these players were sucking off Jauron and telling the media to get bent for their constant ridicule of him keeping his job after another 7-9 season? My goodness, Trent Edwards couldn’t say enough nice things about Jauron. BTW, if your boss is too easy on you and lets you leave your job early, you know, it’s possible to stay longer and try and get the job done without your boss hovering over your shoulder. It’s called overachieving, Donte

—I’ve lived through five coaching regimes from start to finish with the majority of them ending badly. I’m sure when the previous new coaches came into power, a number of the players were constantly blowing smoke up their new boss’s ass. I remember when Gregg Williams took over and Ruben Brown said that Williams was so much better than Wade Phillips. Drew Bledsoe was all giddy over Mike Mularkey taking over the offense and establishing a quick release passing attack. I’m sure there are a number of other ass kissing moments that I have missed. Bottom line: We shouldn’t put much stock into what the players are saying about the new coaches. Everyone is going to glorify their new bosses accolades and piss on the previous regime’s failures—

—Not surprisingly, I got a lot of negative feedback on my article about Jim Kelly’s knack for saying what’s on his mind. The majority of readers pointed out that Kelly being a hall of famer, has the right to criticise players all he wants. Fine. I get that. However, what some of you people don’t realize, is that his comment about not drafting California quarterbacks was just plain stupid and idiotic. Plus, he’s on the company payroll and should live up to the standard as a member of the Bills organization. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it—
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