What the Magic and Cavs are lacking + quick hits

What the hell has happened to the Orlando Magic? I know most fans thought it would be 50/50 that the Magic would get by the Celtics, but this series looks as if its men against boys. This is what happens when you go against a veteran team in the NBA playoffs. You see, teams like the Lakers and Celtics don’t care about the regular season. Those 82 games are nothing more than a tune-up for the postseason. Vets like Kobe and KG are just trying to make it through the regular season without getting hurt. Back to the Magic, I think what the team is lacking is the same thing that the Cavs have thoroughly missed…attitude and a mean streak.

The Magic and Cavs just seem to have the approach of always wanting to have a good time on the court rather than making the court into a battle ground. Both teams are always goofing around for player introductions and during interviews. Whatever happens in the offseason, both of these teams need to add a veteran presence of some cold-hearted pricks that aren’t going to let good times get in the way of winning. In other words, these two teams consist of way too many nice guys.
Just think of it this way; If you’re in a bar fight and you need to find someone to have your back, who are you going to ask, Kevin Garnett or Dwight Howard?


Quick hits

-I told you this Lakers and Suns series wasn’t going to last too long. The Lakers are just too big up front and the Suns don’t have enough offensive firepower to match LA’s onslaught-

-I think it’s safe to say that the NBA are drooling at a possible Celtics vs Lakers Finals match-up. That series is going to set ratings records. As of now, I would have to give the ever so slight edge to the Lakers

– The reason for me liking the Lakers has to do with comparing the Finals match-up from two years ago. The Lakers didn’t have Andrew Bynum because of injury and Ron Artest was playing for the Rockets. The Celtics are pretty much the same team, except they added Rasheed Wallace, and Rondo has become a top tier point guard. However, guys like KG and Pierce aren’t exactly spring chickens. I think the Lakers improvements will trump those of the Celtics-

-Memo to the NBA: Do we really need to wait five days between game 2 and game 3 of the Lakers vs Suns match-up? Is the NBA is trying to help out the NHL by spacing out their match-ups?-

-Besides the killer instinct that the Cavs had lacked against the Celtics, you can pretty much chalk up their GM to the blame game. I said it at the start of the season, Shaquille O’Neal is severely over the hill. I mean, why would you add someone who hasn’t been the same since winning a championship in Miami four years ago? I guess the Cavs wanted an even nicer guy to be around the club. Plus, adding a proven loser like Antawn Jamison wasn’t going to get the Cavs over the hump-

-I’ll say this about the LeBron James sweepstakes, if winning is his only motivation, he should think about going to the Bulls. Chicago has a stellar supporting cast in Joakim Noah, Derrick Rose and Kirk Hinrich. Sorry, but those three players are better than what the Cavs have to offer-
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