Random thoughts that have nothing to do with Buffalo

-Is this Taser story in Philly getting way too much attention? First off, he got tasered. He didn’t get shot with a bow and arrow or a semi-automatic weapon. Yes, I’m sure it hurt like hell, but the kid will live. The whole argument about whether it was excessive force is just stupid. For one thing, this is at a sporting event. You know how much excessive force is used at a baseball game? From fans drinking 10 beers in an hour and speaking two languages of English and cursing; you’d think that excessive force is just another day in the park. Here’s the bottom line: Stay in your dam seat. Once you go trespassing, it’s fair game. It’s almost like someone breaking into your home and you kick the crap out of the burglar. Hopefully, getting tasered will make some of these yo-yo’s think twice about making a complete ass of themselves-

-Can the Tiger Woods saga ever end? Is this what we are going to get for every single tournament he attends? Are we still going to have Shelly Smith or Tom Rinaldi reporting from the (insert cheap car sponsor) event in 2020? Enough. The story is old and unless he’s screwing other porn stars, the story should be ass dead as his golf game-

-You want to know what the biggest difference between Kobe Bryant and LeBron James? Kobe is an a$$hole and doesn’t give a crap if his teammates like him or not. He demands the most out of his guys and will get in their face if they screw up. He wants to win and has that killer instinct. I look at James and I just don’t see that killer instinct. It seems like he’s too busy trying to say the right thing, like wanting to retire Michael Jordan’s number or having his teammates except the MVP trophy with him. To be honest, he kind of comes off as being a little fake. I think his whole demeanor about free agency in the summer is a way to keep his name in the press. BTW, nice guys finish last, Lebron

-Read the other day that the NHL playoff ratings are up 24% in comparison to last year. I think the biggest reason for it has to do with the NHL finally figuring out that they have to market their star players. It’s about shoving Ovechkin, Crosby and Kane down the casual fan’s throat. It’s exactly what the NBA did with Jordan, Magic and Bird. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that big cities like Chicago, Boston, Detroit, Washington and Philadelphia were/are playing in the playoffs. However, it’s still early to be celebrating and drinking the champagne. If the NHL gets Boston vs Montreal in the EC Finals and San Jose vs Vancouver in the WC Finals, I don’t exactly think it’s going to be a hit in the states. And please, don’t give me the Original Six stuff with the Habs and B’s. Both teams are extremely boring to watch and most casual fans would think the Original Six is a Boston or Canadian lager.

-So, I saw Nightmare on Elm Street this weekend. The flick was OK, but it was a little too much like the first movie. Look, I knew that Freddy was going to come out and kill a bunch of stupid teenagers that are hiding in the closet. My problem was that the secondary characters almost died the exact same way as in the original version. If you are going to do a movie remake, try and make it um, different. Besides the Deja Vu situation, the movie did scare the crap out of me-
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