With the 41st pick in the NFL Draft, the Buffalo Bills select

So, I’ve already stated that I think the Bills are going to draft Derrick Morgan with their first pick. I’ve also detailed how Buddy Nix has a history of trading draft picks and not using high picks on offensive lineman. That’s called foreshadowing my next pick for the Bills.

As of now, the Bills have the 41st pick in the draft. There are rumors spreading that the Bills may be interested in trading back into the first round to select Tim Tebow. That my friends is where I am going. I’m not sure if Tebow will fall to the Bills in the 2nd round, but I just have a feeling the Bills are going to go after him. If the Bills don’t think he’s going to make it to the 2nd round, I think they will try and move their 2nd and 3rd round picks to get back into the first round to select the Florida quarterback. Keep an eye on the Jets, who only have 5 draft picks this year. It wouldn’t hurt for them to add another pick.

I’m sure you have all been bored to tears about the negatives and positives regarding Tebow. We all know the guy’s life story. I think if you put together the rumors that Gailey wants a quarterback that is athletic, along with the certain buzz that Tebow would bring to the Bills, his selection makes a lot of sense for the Bills.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want Tebow here. I think there are just too many questions about the guy. I don’t care about him being such a big college folk hero. I’m sick of hearing about his great military leadership background. You think that Lee Evans is going to walk into the locker room on day one and rip the “C” off his jersey and anoint Tebow as the captain? He’s not. He has to prove himself on an NFL field. Besides the question marks about his throwing motion, he’s been in an offense that relies on the quarterback to work exclusively out of shotgun formations. Remember the images of him fumbling snaps under center at the Senior Bowl? Plus, a lot of the yards he’s gained in college were by running quarterback draws. That’s going to be a lot harder to pull off in the NFL.

With that all being said, I think the Bills view Tebow as the type of player that can come in, sell a bunch of jerseys and help the team open up different streams of revenue. I know fans constantly think that making money for a franchise is all about selling tickets. Sure, that plays a role. However, there are other ways to skin a cat. Tebow is a very attractive athlete for corporate America. Tebow being associated with the Bills can open up a lot of sale opportunities for the franchise. I can see a Tim Tebow cutout making its way around M&T Banks; pleading for you to sign up for their Buffalo Bills credit card with a 20% interest rate. I can also see his picture being plastered on a Pepsi machine at your local gym. It’s also not going to hurt the Bills to have Tebow’s mug plastered all over ESPN. Not to mention, it seems like there’s a strong contingent of Tebow fans in Buffalo that want him to play here.

Besides the marketing appeal, Tebow is the ideal quarterback for Chan Gailey’s offense. Gailey wants a quarterback that is athletic and mobile. Tebow fits that bill. Remember the game against the Chiefs two years ago? Gailey ran a Pistol Offense, where he had the the quarterback line up out of a shorter version of shotgun, with the running back positioned directly behind him. The pistol offense can effectively use draw plays, counters, and options using three wide receiver formations or multiple tight ends combined with a fullback for pass protection. That sounds like the type of offense Tebow would fit in.

I know most fans are scratching their heads over the selections of Morgan and Tebow. I know the complaints will be about finding a left tackle or a nose tackle. But you can only fill one need at a time. I’d rather the Bills go with Morgan in the first round and draft Terrence Cody or Colt McCoy in the second, or trade back in the 1st round for those guys. I just think the Bills square peg in a round hole approach with Kyle Williams is going to come to fruition in regards to not adding a nose tackle. Plus, McCoy just doesn’t have the athleticism that Tebow brings to the table.

So there. My first picks for the Bills are Derrick Morgan and Tim Tebow. I hope I’m wrong on one of them.
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