The Saga continues…

Dear Sabres,

You and I haven’t always seen eye to eye. However, even a grouch like myself can’t hate on you guys for winning the division title. Yes, your inconsistent and boring style of play have driven me bonkers during parts of the season. However, the beauty of sports sometimes fools us (and yours truly) into believing that it’s all about how the journey goes, instead of seeing where the journey leads us.
Looking back, I’d go through all those peaks and valleys again; just so I can get to this point of winning a division title. Honestly, as much as there are some players on this team that I’d like to kill off, and as crazy as this sounds (which I’m sure I’ll take back next week), I’m kind of proud that the majority of the team’s core have gone through all the highs and lows of the last five years.

It’s like watching a three part movie, where a group of guys rise too fast to the top, only to come crashing down to earth. However, they either are going to use all of their experiences to reach their ultimate goal or will spiral even more out of control.

Now, we are in the third act of the movie and they are trying to learn from their successes and failures. I think the biggest question is whether we are watching the movie Rocky III or Raging Bull. Right now, it looks as if we are watching Rocky III. As for how the Sabres clinched the division, it’s a hell of a lot nicer to clinch without having to worry about five other teams losing in the final week of the season.

Anytime you can add decorations to the ceiling of the HSBC Arena, it’s always a great day. Congratulations on showing some of the fans, the media and myself on how wrong we were prior to the season. Hell, you can even go before the start of March when I was already claiming that the Sens were taking this division. BTW, every Sabres player should go out and shake Ryan Miller’s hand for the team’s success. Without Miller, we would all be asking for Tom Golisano’s Florida address to send him our hate mail.

Now, for this Sabres fan, I’ll enjoy this division title and pop out my chest for the next day or two. However, this is where we separate the men from the boys. Playoffs are here and it’s all about winning. I’m not going to give a rats ass if the Sabres top six forwards suck, or if Tyler Myers hits a rookie wall, or if the Sabres play the dullest form of hockey this side of the American border, or if Lindy Ruff is playing Adam Mair in the final two minutes of a tied hockey game.

As long as they are winning in the playoffs, style points are out the door. It’s not about being a movie critic anymore, it’s about whether you can bring home an Oscar. The Sabres have brought home a Golden Globe, now it’s time to rev up for that Oscar push.
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