So does this make you want to buy season tickets?

You see the photo above? That was the flyer that the Bills decided to send to their fans in trying to convince them to renew their season tickets.

Andrew Major, the Bills’ executive director of marketing, told Pat McManamon of FanHouse the photo was “one of our best that included the scoreboard in the background.” And Brian Moorman is a good player on the field and a good guy off the field, and the Bills wanted to highlight that.

Are you serious? You wanted to showcase your punter? You’re telling me that your punter is good guy and deserves to be on the photo? I don’t care if Moorman is a volunteer firefighter and works in soup kitchens on his off days, you don’t advertise your punter’s abilities. This is just another black eye for the Bills PR/Marketing people. How could we forget when the Bills decided to put up a “jacked up” version of Jairus Byrd in the place of Dick Jauron for the team photo.

BTW, to use the scoreboard as an excuse for the Moorman photo is a complete joke. Haven’t these people at One Bills Drive heard of Photo Shop? You know, crop the scoreboard in an endzone shot. How about having a wide shot of Lee Evans catching a long pass (Like he even does that anymore) and have the season ticket holder’s name on the field. There are a ton of different marketing ways to get fans to say yes to the Bills renewal process. Wouldn’t someone in their office understand that this message of Moorman punting would look downright pathetic?
My goodness, didn’t some of these Bills front office types take a marketing course in College? Well, this is the same organization that put a marketing person in charge of their football operations….so relevant experience doesn’t matter to them.
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