Random Bills thoughts: Bills need to sign Kennedy…What’s the point of media sessions?…My wish list..and more

Who the hell is Jimmy Kennedy? I swear, free agency has become exactly like the Bills quest for a coach and their regular season performances over the last 10 years. You’re just waiting for the whole thing to end, so you can at least be put out of your misery. Well, in the interest of providing you something credible regarding Mr. Kennedy, here’s a little bit of his bio: In keeping with the free agency tradition of finding players who’ve been retreaded about 3-4 times, Mr. Kennedy has played on five teams (Hey, at least he hasn’t played on as many teams as Cornell Green).

Unlike Green though, Kennedy was suppose to be the cornerstone of Lovie Smith’s (Defensive coordinator at the time) D-line in St. Louis. Kennedy was drafted 12th overall in the 2003 NFL Draft, but was considered a bust and only lasted 3 years with the Rams. After being let go, Kennedy had NFL stops in Denver, Chicago and Jacksonville.

Now, there is a light at the end of the tunnel for Kennedy. The 30-year old arrived in Minnesota in 2008 and played spot-up duty behind Kevin Williams and Pat Williams. He played pretty effectively last year in registering 3 sacks and 18 tackles. Of course, playing next to Jared Allen is going to help. However, he’s big enough to play nose tackle in a 3-4 defense, which is all I’ve been asking for the Bills to address this offseason.

Now, does Kennedy go under the category of uninspiring free agent visits? Probably. But at this point in the Bills offseason, they don’t have many options. I’ve said all along that putting Kyle Williams exclusively at nose tackle would be an epic disaster. I’d consider starting Kennedy at NT and have Williams provide spot-up duty when called upon. Of course, knowing the Bills love for Williams, they’d probably just stick him as the starting NT and have Kennedy as his back-up. Which is something the 7-year vet doesn’t see himself doing.
(Editor’s note: Kennedy has resigned with the Vikings. So much for that idea. Not only do established coaches not want to come to Buffalo, but so do back-up NFL players)


In related news, what the hell is with the Bills always making free agent visitors available to the media? I can understand if you have a guy like T.O. or Julius Peppers in town. But Jimmy Kennedy? I almost feel bad for Mark Gaughan, who has to get a wake-up call to go down to One Bills Drive and interview a no-named player that hasn’t even been signed yet. I mean, what’s the point? If the Bills decide to sign Kennedy, the press is going to have to interview him again.

The only logical conclusion I can come up with is that it’s a feeble attempt by the organization to show the public that they’re still being active in free agency. It’s also an opportunity for the player to say how the organization is first class all the way. What exactly makes a franchise first class when a FA visits? Do the Bills send them to the Buffalo Chop House, while the Oakland Raiders send them to the Ground Round? It’s like a poor man’s version of interviewing Mike Shanahan and Bill Cowher, only to know they are going to reject you…but hey, at least they tried, right?
Wrong. Just because you’ve decided to bring in free agents in order for the team to use their frequent flyer miles between March 1st and the 31st, doesn’t mean I’m suppose to be impressed. Especially when the players aren’t exactly house hold names and have played on more teams than PJ Brown or Kevin Willis (NBA players- for all of you who don’t watch basketball). Do I even need to get into the Oakland Raiders or Kansas City Chiefs connection?
BTW, In case you haven’t noticed, the Bills still have to find a LT, QB, WR, NT, OLB…Oh what the hell! The need everything is what I’m trying to say. Free agency just doesn’t seem the way the Bills are planning to address their needs.


Memo to Bills GM: How about giving a call to Greg Ellis. Yes, he’s 34-years old and his better days are behind him, but besides me begging the Bills to find nose tackle help, I’ve been asking them to find players who’ve been in a 3-4 defense. Ellis fits that bill, as he’s played in both a 3-4 and 4-3 defense. Over the last three years, Ellis has 27.5 sacks and a Comeback Player of the Year award on his resume.

He’s not going to cost you much (maybe 2.5 million a year), Plus, he’d be a teacher for some of the Bills defensive lineman who haven’t played in a 3-4. And considering that the Bills current defensive ends aren’t exactly reeking in the speed department (Marcus Stroud and Spencer Johnson are the incumbent starters), Ellis would add to a defensive line that’s in desperate need of a pass rusher.


I don’t know about you, but I’m thinking about unfollowing Peter King, John Clayton, Tim Graham, Adam Schefter and pretty much any NFL reporter on Twitter who happens to break NFL news. I mean, what is the point? The Bills aren’t going to sign anyone whose significant. I also don’t feel like living vicariously through the fans of the other 31 NFL teams that are signing players.

On a unrelated note, have you noticed how the Browns are finished with their two highly paid and highly disappointed quarterbacks on their roster? That’s exactly how you blow up a team. You think Mike Holmgren or the other 30 NFL general managers would be receptive to Trent Edwards or Ryan Fitzpatrick as their starters? Yeah, I think not.


With all this talk about Ben Roethlisberger and Tiger Woods nightlife’s being put into question. I was thinking…what would have happened if the 90’s Bills played in today’s age of cell phones, Twitter updates and the media’s unquenchable thirst for a good scandal? Now, before I dive into this Back to the Future topic, I realize that none of the 90’s Bills were investigated for sexual misconduct. So, ah salute to them.

However, considering that people in Pittsburgh are talking junk about Big Ben’s nightlife issues and consider him to be a jerk to the general public, I can’t help but flashback to the Bills of yesteryears. In case you didn’t know, the Bills from the 90’s were known to be a group that played hard and partied even harder. There are so many stories out there about what some of those players did in their extra curricular activities (Try googling some if you’re curious)..and I’m not talking United Way (Even though some did do charity work).

I’m sure if it was today, TBN would run a TMZ style column daily about where they were spotted last night (Fat Cats or The Adam’s Mark would be my guess).

As for the twitter world, I’d bet a NYC style pizza that Thurman Thomas wouldn’t be twittering about his disdain towards the democratic party…more like twittering about his disdain towards the Canadian exchange rate at Mintz Gentleman’s Club. I kid, Thurman.

But in all seriousness, back then, the Bills off the field stories were hardly covered by the media and because of their success, fans wouldn’t give a rats ass on how the players acted in public (Which is how I felt then and now). I’m sure if it was today, some media members and fans would chastise the Bills for their party habits. I mean, if they can do it to the greatest golfer in the world, why wouldn’t they do it for the greatest players in Bills history.

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