If I were the Bills GM: Volume VI-Bills Mock Draft (Part II)

A couple of quick notes. Look, I know people will have doubts about my draft. It’s very hard to do a mock draft when the other 31 NFL teams haven’t gone through free agency yet. The Dolphins may go out and trade for a NT or the Raiders could sign Chad Clifton. Truthfully, I’d have rather just skipped the Draft portion of my series and just handed a note to the commissioner with my needs.

FYI: Some of my picks will have the Kevin Kolb rule in effect, meaning that those picks wouldn’t exist if Kolb is on the team. Honestly, I would have rather just scrapped one of my QB plans, because it makes drafting that much more annoying and difficult. However, I made it this far, so I may as well go for it.

FYI Part II: I’ll mostly be using draft sites such as NFLDraftscout.com, CBSSports.com and Draftinsider.net as a resource. Sorry, but I don’t watch enough college football to say that the right guard from Poke High is going to be a good player.

FYI Part III: If you’d like, you can definitely judge me on the players selected. But, I’d rather you grade the strategy and what the Bills needs are. It’s tough to know where exactly these guys are going to fall in the draft because mock drafts are totally subjective.

No more intros..Lets just get right to it.

The Buffalo Bills have traded the rights of their 51st and 94th picks to the New York Jets for the rights to the 29h pick. The Bills select Golden Tate, Wide receiver, Notre Dame
OK, I know what you’re thinking. “Joe, why on earth would you trade Lee Evans only to draft a wide receiver in the first round.” It’s because I firmly believe in trying to build the Bills offense around a younger core. Like I’ve said before, the Bills are 3-4 years away from doing serious damage and by that time, Evans will more than likely be gone. I happen to really like Golden Tate because he’s a diverse talent that can play in the slot or on the outside. He’s a good route runner and from what I’ve heard, an even better team leader.

He’s played in a pro style offense, and won the Fred Biletnikoff Award as the nation’s top receiver after covering 1,496 yards and scoring 15 times on his 93 receptions. He also carried the ball 25 times for 186 yards and two scores; and returned 12 punts for 171 yards and another score.

The best part about Tate is that he can break tackles and isn’t afraid to go over the middle. I think the Bills have missed that dynamic over the last couple of years. I firmly believe if Hardy can meet his expectations, he and Tate could make a very complimentary receiving pair for the next 10 years. Plus, don’t forget that I still have Chris Chambers and Benjamin Watson to throw the ball to.

As for why the Jets would want to trade for additional picks, the Jets have only four picks for the entire draft, none from rounds 3-5. (Yes, you may not like the reason, but deals like those have worked)

For more on Golden Tate click on this link.

Right now if the Kevin Kolb deal doesn’t go through, I’ll still have my original second round pick at #41. I need a nose tackle, and from what all the mock drafts have been saying, it seems like this guy would fit (Actually, he can’t fit in anything these days) like a XXXL glove for the Bills.

With the 41st pick in the NFL Draft, the Buffalo Bills select, Terrence Cody, Nose Tackle, University of Alabama.
Cody is one of the few highly touted legit nose tackles in the draft. Cody is massive at 6’5, 360lbs. His stats aren’t going to overwhelm you, but his massive size should result in constant double teams that will only make his fellow lineman and linebackers play much better.

Now, there are some issues about Cody. For one, he’s um… kind of big boned, which has a lot of the scouts in the NFL nervous. He doesn’t penetrate really well and isn’t the type of player whose going to be chasing down Mike Vick, let alone Tom Brady. Now, it should be noted that he lost 16lbs between the Senior Bowl and the Combine, which proves that he’s willing to do his best to lose weight. I desperately need a NT and Cody is the best available option at this point.

For more on Terrence Cody click on this link.

(Editors Note: The following trade would happen if Kevin Kolb is on my roster)

The Buffalo Bills have traded their two 3rd round picks (72nd and 91st overall) and next year’s 4th round pick to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for their 2nd round pick (42nd pick)
Now there’s a problem. If the Kolb deal comes into play (Trust me, I’ve thought about bagging it for the sake of not killing myself with the stress of the draft), I’m not going to have a second round pick. I really like Cody and feel he’s the perennial NT the Bills need. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to trade back into the second round.

Now, I do have some bargaining chips. I still have two third rounders (The Bills 72nd and the Chargers 91st pick). Now, I’d like to try and draft at the 42nd pick, which is owned by Tampa Bay. The Dolphins are picking 43rd and with Jason Ferguson more than likely retiring, they may be in the market for a legit NT. Well, I’m going to have to cut them off at the path. The Bucs are in a full blown rebuilding phase and could use the extra picks. I know, it’s not a strong reason, but deals like these are very common in the draft.

Now, if I couldn’t pull off this move, then I would seriously give up on the Kolb deal (which everyone says isn’t going to happen anyway). My biggest goal this offseason was to get the best nose tackle. Not to use a Darcy Regier excuse, but the market just wasn’t there to get an all-pro.

Just to keep you up to date, I don’t have a 3rd or 4th round pick with this trade scenario. But, I still was able to draft four players within the top 42 picks.

(Editors Note: The Following 3 picks would be made if The Kolb deal doesn’t happen)

Now, if the Kolb deal doesn’t come through, I then have to find the heir apparent for Chad Pennington. I still have the two extra 3rd round picks, which I plan on using one of them on a quarterback. Like I’ve said, history shows you can find a good quarterback after the first round and develop them into all-pro material. Plus, when you draft a quarterback in the later rounds, you’re not exactly cemented to him for the next 3-4 years. If Chan Gailey is suppose to be a whiz at getting the most out of average quarterbacks, then he shouldn’t have issues with converting a low round pick to an NFL Starter. As for my other picks, I’d love to add an offensive tackle and a linebacker.

With the the 72nd pick in the NFL Draft, the Buffalo Bills select Dan LeFevour, Quarterback, University of Central Michigan
Dan LeFevour has all the tools to be a very effective NFL quarterback. He has size at 6’3 and 229lbs. But don’t let his size fool you, because he’s a quarterback that can run. During his career at Central Michigan, LeFevour put up some mind-numbing numbers. He is the all-time NCAA leader with 149 touchdowns in his career. He’s also second in all-time career yardage leader with 15,898 yards. Besides the stats, LeFouver is a pure athlete. Prior to becoming a quarterback, he was actually a tailback his freshman year of high school, but injuries forced him to take a crack at being a quarterback. Smart move.

Now some have termed Lefevour as an overrated signal caller with marginal throwing mechanics and intangibles. He’s definitely going to have to work on his throwing motion, but since the Bills have Pennington and Fitzpatrick on the depth chart, Gailey will have time to work with Lefovour on his mechanics. Currently, LeFevour is slated to go between the 3rd or 4th round of the draft.

For more on Dan LeFevour click on this link.

With the 91st pick in the NFL Draft, the Buffalo Bills select Jason Fox, Tackle, University of Miami
Pass blocking: At least moderate initial quickness, but is inconsistent with his depth on his initial kick-step. May lack the elite lateral quickness and balance to remain at left tackle in the pros. Appears to have the agility to beat the defender to the edge, but too often stops moving his feet and is susceptible to pass-rushers with a second move. Quick, active hands that he uses well to control the defender when he keeps his feet moving.

Run blocking: More consistent with his quickness as a run blocker. Can get out and hook the defensive end to seal the edge. Strong enough to turn his opponent, but isn’t a road grader that can consistently drive his opponent off the ball. Quick hands, but has only marginal upper-body strength and hand placement to sustain. (CBSSports.com)

As of now, I’m penciling in Demetrius Bell as my starting right tackle (Yes, I’m moving him from LT), but would be open to Fox having a legit shot at the job in camp.

For more on Jason Fox click on this link.

With the 100th pick in 2010 NFL Draft, the Buffalo Bills select Sean Lee, Inside linebacker, Penn State.
Lee was at one time a dominant linebacker for Penn State. It was only two years ago that he was being touted as the best linebacker the university had produced in the last five years. Unfortunately for Lee, he tore his knee ligament in the summer of 2008 and was out for the season.

Upon returning, Lee didn’t play as well as he did in 2007, when he finished 2nd team all Big Ten, and second on the team with 138 tackles. Lee also has an Outback Bowl MVP on his resume from 2007. Lee has to convince scouts he has NFL-caliber speed and strength. However, the scouts do love his toughness and intelligence.

If Lee can return to what he was prior to his injury, I think he and Paul Posluzny could make for a decent inside linebacker pairing for the years to come. Plus, he’ll be able to learn behind Larry Foote his first season, so there won’t be a rush to get him on the field.

For more on Sean Lee click on this link.


With the 135th pick in the NFL Draft, the Buffalo Bills select Sam Young, Left Tackle, Notre Dame.
Great things were expected from the Parade All-American from Florida when he came to South Bend, but being the first true freshman ever to start on Notre Dame’s offensive line opening weekend was truly a fine accomplishment (first-year players were eligible to play immediately starting in 1972).

All Young has done since is start every game for the Irish. He lined up at right tackle for the first 16 games, then moved to left tackle for 10 contests in 2007 before moving back to the right side for the last two seasons. In 2009, Young helped the Irish become one of the most prolific offenses in the country, rolling up more than 450 yards per game. Though not considered one of the more athletic tackles in the 2010 draft, Young’s size, strength and pedigree are likely to land him a spot in the middle rounds and give him the potential to have a long NFL career. (CBSSports.com)

As you can tell, I’m not messing around with the offensive line when it comes to the draft. Young could be a diamond in the rough because the entire offensive line for the Irish was a disaster the last couple of years. Plus, he’s use to playing in a pro style offense, which should help his transition to the NFL. My plan is to have either Young or Fox compete for the starting right tackle job with Bell. Fox, of course, won’t be on my roster if the Kolb deal goes down (Confused? I am too.)

For more on Sam Young click on this link

With the 167th Pick in the NFL Draft, the Buffalo Bills select Adrian Tracey, Outside linebacker, William & Mary
Honored by five organizations as an All-American in 2009, Tracy established himself as one of the nation’s top defensive players and recently competed in the Texas vs. the Nation All-Star Game. A With 12 sacks, he equaled the single-season school record established by Luke Cullinane in 1996. Additionally, Tracy ranked sixth in the conference in tackles among defensive linemen with 5.6 per game. His 62.5 tackles for a loss led the nation among all active players, while he ranked third with 31 career sacks – a W&M record. He also started every game of his career (47) en route to establishing a school record. (CBSsports.com)

Tracey played defensive end in college, but his size and shape would be more ideal as an outside linebacker in the pros. He had a pretty good workout at the combine, running in the 4.6-second range in the 40. More importantly, Tracey looked terrific in coverage when working on linebacker drills especially in pass coverage.

Tracey would be the back-up to outside linebacker Kawika Mitchell (Yes, I know..the Bills said he may play inside). If Poz or Foote go down with an injury, I’d be able to move Mitchell to the inside and have Coleman play on the outside.

For more on Adrian Tracey click on this link.


With the 181st pick of the NFL Draft, the Buffalo Bills select Antonio Brown, Wide receiver, Central Michigan
Brown finished his career with 305 receptions for 3,199 yards and 22 touchdowns. He also rushed for four touchdowns and returned three punts and two kickoffs for touchdowns during his career. Brown is CMU’s all-time leader in receptions and ranks second in Mid-American Conference history.

He is third in school history in receiving yards and second in touchdown receptions. Brown was the MAC Special Teams Player of the Year in both 2008 and 2009. He was named MAC Freshman of the Year in 2007. Brown caught 102 passes for 1,003 yards and six touchdowns in 2007. In 2008, he caught 93 passes for 998 yards and seven touchdowns. Brown finished 2009 with a school-record 110 receptions for 1,198 yards and nine touchdowns.

In keeping up with selecting duos from the same college, Brown presents a valuable option on special teams for returning kicks for the Bills. Plus, he and LeFevour had great chemistry in college, which should only help the duo develop in the pros. He would be my 5th wide receiver going into training camp.

For more on Antonio Brown click on this link.

With the 192nd pick in the NFL Draft, The Buffalo Bills select Al Woods, NT, LSU.
Woods is a hard-working player who should be able to make the transition to NT in the NFL. Woods is blessed with great size and he can also run under 5.1 in the 40-yard dash, a pretty decent clip for a man of his physical stature. He can be effective against both the run and the pass. However, Woods has been battling injuries and is coming off a not so hot year at LSU.

For more on Woods click on this link.

(This pick will only be here if Kevin Kolb isn’t on the team.)

With the 194th pick, the Buffalo Bills select Dedrick Epps, Tight end, University of Miami
Athletic tight end that flashes skills in blocking and catching. Needs to play at a consistently high level but has an upside. Epps plays with a nasty edge and should be a decent third tight end behind Nelson and Watson. The biggest concern is that Epps is coming a ACL injury, but should be good to go by the summer.

For more on Dedrick Epps click on this link.


And finally, with the 199th pick the NFL Draft, the Buffalo Bills select Antonio Coleman, OLB, Auburn.
After serving in a backup role in 2006, Coleman developed into one of the SEC’s most feared pass-rushers in ’07 and ’08, earning all-conference accolades both seasons and posting a combined 29 tackles for loss and 15 sacks.

Coleman started off slow as a senior, partially tearing a ligament in his wrist that required a cast on his right hand and made it difficult for him to fight through blocks. Once the cast was removed, however, Coleman was a terror — posting 7.5 sacks and 11.5 tackles for loss over his final seven games, including the Outback Bowl victory over Northwestern. Despite his slow start, Coleman led the SEC in tackles for loss (16.5) and sacks (10) in 2009 (CBSSports.com)

Size is the biggest question mark for Coleman, as some scouts see him as a tweener. He definitely has a good motor and athletic skills, which should be good for special teams. He’s also one tough SOB, as he played part of his senior year with torn ligaments in his wrist.

For more on Antonio Coleman click on this link.


Lets recap the draft:

1) 9th Pick- Anthony Davis (Left Tackle)
2) 25th Pick-Jared Odrik (Defensive End)

3) 28th Pick-Golden Tate (Wide Receiver)
4) 41st Pick- Terrence Cody (Nose Tackle)
5) 72nd Pick-Dan LeFevour** (Quarterback)
6) 91st Pick-Jason Fox** (Tackle)
7) 100th Pick-Sean Lee** (Inside Linebacker)
8) 135th Pick-Sam Young (Tackle)
9) 167th Pick-Adrian Tracey (Outside Linebacker)
11) 181st Pick-Antonio Brown (Wide Receiver)
12) 192nd Pick-Al Woods (Nose Tackle)
13) 194th Pick-Dedrick Epps** (Tight End)
14) 199th Pick-Antonio Coleman (Outside Linebacker)

**Picks wouldn’t take place if Kevin Kolb is on the team**

That’s it for the draft!!! Wow, that was a lot tougher than I thought. I’ll come back with an updated post on what My version of the 2010 Buffalo Bills will look like…It will be a quick post.

Feel free to comment on my picks.

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