Do you believe in Millercles? (Buy that trademark while you still can)

-Wow. To think we still have about another week left of Olympic Hockey. America may not watch the NHL that much, but they sure will get into a great hockey game. When you have Ryan Miller being the number one trending topic on Twitter, you know that you have something going. Even Alysaa Milano twittered about Ryan Miller making her want to be a Sabres fan. Ryan, six words to Alyssa: My people will call your people (That’s showbiz talk)-

-As a hockey fan, I definitely needed that. I’ll be honest, hockey and myself have kind of a love/ hate relationship. There’s just so many games I watch that can bore me to tears. However, having a game like this makes me want to stay up late and watch every single hockey game ever played on skates or roller blades.

When Gary Bettman came on MSNBC after the game and tried to do a commercial for the NHL, the one thing he should have pushed on the American public was how much hockey players play for their country. This is something that NHLers will always have an advantage over the other major sports. A lot of hockey players talk about how winning gold is bigger than winning the cup. Well, they just proved it. That was an all-star game with passion.

Maybe, we are all missing the boat on what Olympic hockey should do for the American public. Instead of making new fans, it should just try and make hockey fans love their product more. Tonight, that game definitely did that for me-

-Darcy Regier, you don’t like me and I don’t like you. We haven’t agreed on anything for a very long time, but you were absolutely right when you said that Ryan Miller is our superstar. He was unbelievable in this game and proved that he may..scratch that.. is the best goaltender in the world. Breakout the thesaurus when you’re talking about Miller’s performance. He’s the backbone of USA hockey. Yeah, he’s a tad better than Mike Richter (Sarcasm).

I can’t even think of the pressure of being the USA goaltender and playing against Team Canada in Vancouver. That’s going into the biggest lion’s den, battlefield, eye of storm..whatever horrible place you can think of that exists on planet Earth. Sabres fans, tell me if this doesn’t sound familiar: Without Ryan Miller, Team USA would have been blown out.

Mark my words: That was the greatest game Ryan Miller has ever played. He just beat arguably one of the greatest hockey teams ever created. Sure, it wasn’t a shutout..but to turn away 45 shots against those guys… in that country?Remarkable. These weren’t throwaway shots either. These were point blank saves. The save Miller made on his stomach on Jarome Iginla in the third period was amazing. If RJ was calling that game he would have lost his voice yelling “MILLLLLLLLERRR.” Like I said..Miller’s greatest game ever-

-Memo to The Sabres TV Producers: You need to put together a video package of Ryan Miller being touted by broadcasters and celebrities outside of Buffalo. Trust me, Regis and Kelly will be talking about this Monday morning. That would make a cool opening video at Sabres games. Just don’t use Goo Goo Dolls music for the video –
-Memo to the rest of the world: Yeah, we are taking all your sports!? First we took Canada’s dream of hockey and destroyed it. Next, we are going to take out England and bend Beckam over to kiss his own a$$ goodbye at the World Cup. Then we are going to visit Australia and kick the Aussie’s asses in rugby. And then we are going to Russia and Brazil and China and Antarctica!! Then we are going to the White House and place all the medals and trophies on President Obama’s desk! YEAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!..OK, that was just me channeling Howard Dean-

-Mark this down too: Ryan Kesler’s effort on the empty net goal was one of the greatest empty netters I’ve ever seen-

-So, you still think Paul Gaustad should be playing over Chris Drury? Look, this isn’t about whether you hate the Sabres for getting rid of Drury or you’re laughing at his struggles in NYC. It’s about the guy being absolute clutch. Yes, he’s not Chris Drury from three years ago. But you know what? He knows what his role is suppose to be. He does little things like penalty killing, blocking shots and leading. He’s a winner and I would kill for guys like that on my team. Lets be honest, when he scored the 3rd goal of the game, even the biggest Drury hater had to smile and remember the good times from 05-07.

Honestly, I’ve been a Drury supporter for a long time and have come to grips with him getting hosed by the Sabres. Maybe, Drury’s goal tonight will make Sabres fans who have taken pride in laughing at his struggles get over the hate for him-

-BTW, I’d take Drury over Roy, Pominville, Stafford..I could keep going if you’d like? I kid, I kid…maybe-

-Look, I know everyone is pissed off about hockey not being played on NBC. Honestly though, I don’t mind making MSNBC our little own Olympic hockey channel. Having a one hour post and pregame show wouldn’t happen if the game was on NBC-

-Kind of ironic that people are calling this the biggest upset since the Miracle on Ice. The biggest similarity is that even after the Americans beat Russia, they still had to beat Finland for the gold. What am I trying to say? There’s still a lot of hockey left, boys. Something tells me that we may have not seen the last of those pesky Canadians-
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One Response to Do you believe in Millercles? (Buy that trademark while you still can)

  1. Mike says:

    The only reason I'm pissed about the games being on MSNBC is because I have DirecTV, which doesn't have MSNBC in HD. But to be honest… five years from now, when I think about this game, I'm not going to remember that I watched it in standard def. I thought MSNBC did a pretty decent job of hockey coverage for a non-sports network, with a 40 minute pregame and a long postgame. You're absolutely right, we wouldn't have gotten that on NBC.

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