Random Thoughts: Super Bowl….HOF Vote..McNabb to Buffalo?… and more

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-Fans and media members are trying to dissect what was the turning point of the Super Bowl XLIV. Honestly, the Super Bowl came down to one thing, Drew Brees totally outplaying Peyton Manning. Even after the Pierre Garcon drop and the surprise onside kick, Manning was still able to put the Colts out in front of the Saints. But Brees was magnificent and was able to eclipse Manning, completing 32 of 39 passes for 288 yards for two touchdowns. I still can’t get over Brees having only three incompletions after the first quarter. As for Peyton’s legacy being tarnished. Please. The guy is going to own every single quarterback record when it’s all said and done-

-Yes, Greg Williams coordinated a great game against the Colts, but it still pains me to see Williams get a SB ring. Not only that, but does Williams really have to keep hammering the drum (Said it in post-game) that he was the “lone” person in the Buffalo front office that wanted to draft Drew Brees in 2001? Sorry, but you punted on 4th and 2 from the Patriots 27-yard line, which proves to me that you’re an idiot. BTW, didn’t the Bills trade for Drew Bledsoe during that draft? I seriously doubt that “Double G” was causing such a scene about getting Brees when the team was in negotiations to bring in Bledsoe. Yes, I know, the move didn’t workout in retrospect, but I’m sure Williams didn’t know that was going to be the case then-

-I thought that Reggie Wayne played the worst Super Bowl game for a star wide receiver..ever! Not only did Wayne’s 5 catches for 46 yards scream for the days of Marvin Harrison, but he didn’t run a good route on the game clinching interception return for a touchdown; and dropped a 4th down pass that would have resulted in a touchdown late in the game. Look for Manning to not include Wayne in any of his new Oreo commercials-

-Can the NFL please bring back Janet Jackson’s breast? I think the American viewing public has paid enough for the sins of Janet’s wardrobe malfunction. Hell, at least Janet’s breasts are real, unlike the botox treatment that I’m sure “The Who” and Paul McCartney have had. It’s not good when half the original members of the halftime act are either dead or can’t remember the lyrics to their songs. All I’m saying is that you should try and get a variety show at halftime for all ages. Have Lady Gaga and The Killers perform a song each, and then bring out a band for all the old-timers. Seriously, is anyone out there saying that The Who’s performance was any good? I just didn’t know that the NFL stood for the National fossil league when it comes to halftime shows-

-Loved, loved the David Letterman, Oprah and Jay Leno spot. Best commercial in SB history, or at least biggest jaw dropper. I’m still surprised that CBS and Letterman would agree to have Leno in the spot, because he’s their direct competition. Not only that, but he’s been kicking Letterman’s ass in the ratings since the mid 90’s. You would think that CBS would want Leno to be twisting in the wind after getting his teeth kicked in by the media and fans, who are still pissed about what happen to Conan. If anything, the spot makes Leno look more appealing to the public as a guy whose a good sport in all this. But hey, Letterman said he didn’t care because he wanted to make 100 million people laugh. Can’t argue with that-

-I just don’t get the HOF voting process. How can you induct a player, who last played in the 60’s? I mean did the HOF voters find missing footage of Floyd Little breaking a 90-yard run with a torn ACL, while seven defenders were on his back? What about Ricky Jackson? Sorry, but you could make the case that Jackson wasn’t even the best linebacker on his own team. Sam Mills and Pat Swilling made the pro bowl 5x each during Jackson’s most productive days with the Saints-

-As for the voter’s vows on making it tough for wide receivers to make the Hall, I think some of these voters have ill will towards the diva tendencies that wideouts have nowadays. By being tough with the likes of Chris Carter, Andre Reed and Shannon Sharpe, means that the voters can slow down the enshrinement process of guys like Chad Ochocinco, Terrell Owens and Randy Moss. Trust me, the media holds more grudges towards malcontents than Bills fans have towards Scott Norwood

-While we are on the wideout snubs, when are we going to hear voters mention quarterbacks’ stats in the same breathe as the over saturation of receivers statistics? Take a look at Troy Aikman’s stats, they are terrible if you compare them to some of the quarterbacks playing today. Hey, if voters are trying to make it difficult for wides to get in, why can’t they do the same for quarterbacks? Maybe because they like quarterbacks more than wideouts

-Donovan McNabb to the Bills? hmmm…look, I wouldn’t be jumping up and down for joy if the move happened, but I can’t deny that it wouldn’t be a significant upgrade for the Bills quarterback situation. But I would definitely throw caution into the wind if a move like that happened. Remember when the Bills signed T.O. and everyone forgot that the team needed a linebacker, two offensive tackles and a new coach? After the Owens signing, the Bills decided it was the perfect time to jettison Jason Peters because fans were too busy giving Owens the key to the city and dressing up as popcorn to notice the roster’s problems. I can just see the Bills bringing in McNabb and keeping Bryan Scott as your starting LB, along with Demetrius Bell as your LT.

If McNabb comes to the Bills, he’s only going to have 2-3 good years left. He’s also a quarterback whose had some injury issues over the years, and surely wouldn’t be as well protected with the Green Bay Packers practice squad in front of him. I just don’t want to see the Bills stop there. If the Bills go all out and find missing pieces in free agency and trades, then I’ll be more for the McNabb deal. But if McNabb is on the current Bills roster, it would just mean a 8-8 or 9-7 record, and that’s just me being very optimistic-

-Look, I’m not the biggest fan of the Bills going to a 3-4 defense for one reason: I’ve had it up to here with this team converting safeties to linebackers and so on. We all know that the Bills don’t have enough linebackers to really utilize the strengths of a 3-4, and I’ve already had to take two Advil to try and figure out what the defensive line rotation should be. So I beg, plead with the Bills to not try and force players down our throats who can’t fit the system. If Kyle Williams (Who I like) can’t play the nose, then you have to trade him for a draft pick or a linebacker. That goes for Aaron Schobel, Chris Kelsay and Marcus Stroud. It’s going to take a lot of time for this defense to gel…as in years. So, I don’t want to waste my time seeing if an older player like Marcus Stroud can play nose or not-

-It may only be February, but I would bet a NYC pizza that Aaron Maybin will have the most pressure of any of the Bills going into next season. The biggest reason the Bills are going to a 3-4 is to try and jump start Maybin’s career. Maybin looks like he has the built to be a versatile outside linebacker. I’m not looking for Maybin to become Joey Porter in his second year, but I sure would like to have the guy get a sack by Week 3.

-First, we get Tiger Woods with his sex addiction problem, and now we are getting Steve Phillips on the Today Show. Enough! who cares! The thought of Phillips..um..doing it…makes my skin crawl. But honestly, maybe he does need the help. Tiger’s mistress were at least good looking, but If you saw the photo of the ESPN production assistant that Steve Phillips hooked up with, she’s definitely batting over .200…as in over 200 lbs-
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