Thursday Thoughts: Vick’s value…Kovalchuck vs Vanek…Donte isn’t Bob Barker…and more

Anyone who thinks the Philadelphia Eagles are serious about keeping all three of their quarterbacks doesn’t understand the concept of trading. This is nothing more than the Eagles feeble attempt to up the value of all three of their quarterbacks. Mike Vick isn’t going to be an Eagle next year because his salary is going to be five million dollars. The Eagles would be lucky to get a conditional 5th round pick for the guy.


Look, we all know that Ilya Kovalchuk isn’t coming to Buffalo anytime soon. But if I have to hear a fan or media member say that they wouldn’t trade Thomas Vanek straight up for Kovalchuck, I’m going to ask them to take a drug test.

Sorry, but scoring 50 goals twice and 40 plus goals in five straight seasons is all I have to read about the guy. Yes, I know, he doesn’t play defense, but if you are going to try and tell me that Vanek is a Selke Award Winning forward, then you’re just drinking too much of Lindy Ruff’s “everyone has to play defense” theory.

BTW, can’t wait to hear all the Sabres apologists talk about how the team that traded for Kovalchuk gave up waaaaaaaaaaaay too much and are doomed to the bottom of the NHL and destined for a national scandal.


I may be late to the bashing of the Pro Bowl party, but after hearing about the ratings for the game, one would think that the NFL marketing machine are geniuses. Here’s the bottom line: The game sucks with or without the 11 players who decided not to attend the game. The NFL should stick with doing the game at the Super Bowl site because most fans turn off their interest for football after the Super Bowl.

Having it in the bee’s nest of SB week means having a bigger game attendance and more importantly, you get more corporations attending the game. Sorry, but having Hawaii Five-O and the company that makes Hawaiian lays attend the game in Honolulu, just isn’t a money maker.


Do I really need to hear that Tiger Woods is attending a sex rehab clinic? Hell, I think a lot of people wish they had Tiger’s sex problems. I just don’t care. Play golf, please.


Finally, the Bills do something this offseason that I applaud. Steelers pro scouting coordinator Doug Whaley has accepted a job as the assistant general manager for the Buffalo Bills. Whaley has been with the Steelers for the last 12 years. I’m happy that my theory of the Bills not hiring anyone to replace Jon Guy was proven wrong. Lets just hope he wasn’t Tom Donahoe’s apprentice, because if this doesn’t work out, I’ll be boycotting any future Pittsburgh front office hire (Like Jim Kelly has with California quarterbacks).

In a funny twist, Profootball Talk reported that Whaley was caught sending an e-mail to then-Steelers offensive line coach Larry Zierlein that contained pornography. The e-mail accidentally reached multiple NFL employees and secretaries. Well, we all wanted the Bills to make a sexy hire, I guess this kind of constitutes as one.


In the biggest contest rip off since Arnold Schwarzengger found out that he wouldn’t be set free if he beat out the runners in “The Running Man,” Donte Whitner is doing his best Richard Dawson. In case you didn’t know, Whitner had announced via twitter that he was going to give away Super Bowl tickets once he reached 10,000 followers. He even reached out to to get the word out that he needed more followers. Once Whitner got his 10,000 followers, he announced that in order to win the SB tickets, you had to get the correct score of the both Conference Title games.

Well, Whitner’s followers (myself included) will never be confused with Jimmy the Greek, as no one predicted the correct scores. So Whitner announced that no one won the tickets and that the contest may have been hard, but was still fair. Well, his main advertiser, Mike Florio, sure doesn’t think so.

No, Donte, it wasn’t fair. You created a clear impression that someone would get the tickets once you accumulated 10,000 followers. Then, once you accumulated 10,000 followers, you created unreasonably difficult rules for winning the two tickets that you had led everyone to believe you would give away.

So in an act that I kind of find hilarious, Profootballtalk decided to unfollow Whitner’s twitter account and advised fellow readers to do the same. Awesome. As of now, Whitner’s followers are down to 9,927. Now Whitner is kind of doing an about face, by saying that he’s giving the tickets away to a Bills fan in Miami.

I haven’t been this conflicted in ages about a topic. I did think the contest was fair because it’s something that has probably been done before on radio and TV shows. However, when you only have 10,000 followers to guess two specific scores, it’s going to be a little bit more difficult. What Whitner should have done was have have a contingency plan just in case no one got the correct score. Hell, guess the dam pro bowl score or answer a Donte Whitner personal question (How many more interceptions does Jairus Byrd have than me? How many players should have the Bills drafted besides me?). You get the point.

So if you put a gun to me head and ask me if it was fair? I’m going……Well, what do you think?

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