Bill Cowher has indigestion

Maybe Bill Cowher was eating something spicy when the Bills tried to coax him to come out of retirement. In an interview with Tim Graham from ESPN, Cowher decided that he wasn’t interested in the Bills because he just didn’t feel his gut.

“I have tremendous respect for Buffalo,” Cowher told me Tuesday afternoon at a CBS Sports media event. “We had some talks. It didn’t really go that far. I couldn’t make the commitment. I have tremendous respect for [Bills owner] Ralph Wilson. I think it’s a tremendous fan base. I think it’s a golden opportunity for Chan Gailey.

“It just wasn’t the right time and place. I pretty much go with a gut feel when I make decisions like that. I think it through, but there was nothing specific. It’s a class organization.”

Gees, how many times can someone say the word “Tremendous?” Especially when the are talking about the Bills. Cowher went onto to say that he had one face-to-face meeting with the Bills, plus a bunch of talks via the phone. I think we could come to an agreement that Cowher kept an open line of communication with the Bills only to put pressure on other NFL owners to fire their coaches (Tampa and Carolina come to mind). Heck, reported that Cowher wanted to coach in 2010.

Or maybe the Bills were stalking Cowher so badly on the phone that he told them, “ENOUGH?! STOP CALLING ME!? Dammit, hire someone else! Hire..wait..Chan Gailey? Yeah..Gailey?! He’s awesome, tough and blue collar. He’s a great coach.”

Thanks Bill.

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