This is what you call blasting Buffalo?

Look, I’m not a Gregg Williams fan. I didn’t like him in Buffalo and I felt throughout his career that his defenses were only as good as the players he had. With that being said, what’s with the whole he crapped on Buffalo rhetoric? Anyways, here are his comments:

“You know I’ve been able to pick and choose now where I want to go to and I really, really, really wanted to draft Drew Brees when I was the head coach of the Buffalo Bills and thank goodness that didn’t happen otherwise I would still be stuck up there in cold Buffalo. (laughing) Now I’m here and I do have a chance to go with him here into this game.”

WOW! BURN! So he said Buffalo is cold. My goodness, burn him at the stakes. It’s not like he said that Ralph Wilson should return his yellow blazer to the HOF and that he hated Mighty Taco. He said Buffalo is cold, something that was written on all of my friend’s statuses on Facebook. Something that was said collectively by everyone living in Buffalo today. Something that was said by your favorite meteorologist. It’s not a big deal. If he said he hated living in Buffalo and couldn’t stand the people, then I would have a problem.

Trust me, Gregg “Double G” would get on his hands and knees to come back to Buffalo as a head coach, because no one wants to give him a head coaching job anywhere. He was average in Washington and was a disaster in Jacksonville. If it wasn’t for Brett Favre milking injuries and throwing an ill-advised pass, Double G would be sitting at home with his blow horn.

Oh, BTW, do you honestly think this guy was sitting in the draft room and jumping up and down about drafting Drew Brees? How many mistakes did he make while being the Bills head coach? Remember punting on 4th and 2 from the Patriots 28-yard line? Um, yeah…Of course, he knew Brees was going to be this good. No wonder he was such a good interview, because he obviously has a gift for lying and exagerrating.

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