Thursday Thoughts

-USA, USA, USA…MVP, MVP, MVP…Any chant will justify how well Ryan Miller has played this season. Just when I was thinking maybe Miller was slowing down, he puts in an outstanding effort against the Devils. He kept the Sabres in the game and when he had to come up big in the shootout, he stoned walled the Devils. It’s good to see him hopefully snap out of his shootout funk. Can you imagine where the Sabres would be without the guy?


Now that Tim Connolly’s point streak has come to an end, it’s going to be interesting to see what happens next. We all know Connolly is as streaky as they come. History shows whenever he unloads on one of his point streaks, he always seems to crash down to earth afterwards. I’m curious to see how much of this point streak onslaught was a result of Connolly being upset that he wasn’t on Team USA. Motivation seems to be the key to Connolly’s game because when he believes in his shot and ability, he’s the Sabres best offensive player. I can only hope he keeps some of it up because the Sabres need all the scoring they can get.


Just when I put up the post that it wouldn’t shock me if the Bills didn’t name a replacement for John Guy, Buddy Nix seemed to second the notion in TBN today.

“I think we’re in good shape right now,” Nix said. “There is a chance that later on we might hire somebody, but we got some very qualified guys in there who have been doing it with John, and they know how. We’ll continue like we’re going.”

Ugh!! So much for Ralph Wilson using that 10 million dollars he was going to spend on Cowher. Like I said before, the Bills will always look for ways to save money. How does that soundbite from November sound when Ralph Wilson said, “money is no object for me, and if you think I’m cheap, you’re looking down the wrong street.”

Well, I can tell you that it’s not Wall Street you’re looking on. Yeah, nothing like selling hope and when you get to the register to checkout, you run back and sneak out the back door.

Sorry, but I don’t want Guy’s understudies doing his job. Why? Because they LEARNED from John Guy. It also looks like Tom Modrak is staying put, which shouldn’t shock anyone because he’s the one that hired Buddy Nix in the first place. What exactly does Tom Modrak put on his resume? “Um, well…I orchestrated the drafting of Mike Williams, Josh Reed and JP Losman, but somehow was able to kiss Mr. Wilson’s ass and make him think that it was all on Tom Donahoe. Then I drafted such greats as John McCargo, JP Losman and Aaron Maybin. Yeah…um..I guess I work hard.” Only at One Bills Drive.

Of course, if the Bills sign Mike Vick, everyone will forget about the team’s inability to fix their front office problems.


-We all know that at this time of year, Bills fans start flashbacking to the Super Bowl years. Yes, it’s an ugly pill to swallow. I had a bit of a flashback myself yesterday, when former Cowboys safety, Darren Woodson spoke about his experiences from his super bowl week.

“As much as everyone talked about how much experience the Bills had back then, they partied harder than any other team. That’s all we heard about the entire week in L.A., the (Cowboys) first Super Bowl.

“They (Bills players) were out Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. Couple guys got into altercations in the clubs, older, veteran guys with the Bills.

“Experience doesn’t mean that much, it’s all about leadership. There’s a reason they (Bills) lost four Super Bowls. They partied harder than any other team.”

Ah yes, the stories that we have all heard, from Darryl Talley fighting with Magic Johnson’s bodyguard to Jim Kelly judging bikini contests.

I still think that the Bills should have won Super Bowl XXV, but were severely outcoached by Bill Parcells and were too young and immature for that stage. I could give you a laundry list of what went wrong in that Super Bowl, even before I get to Norwood’s miss.

As for the other three Super Bowls, the Bills could have stayed at a Nun’s convent and watched “Field of Dreams” and they still would have lost to the superior Redskins and Cowboys teams. Those teams were loaded and were psychically and mentally sharper than the Bills.

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