Wednesday Thoughts

It’s nothing like pillaging through the coaching staffs of the Kansas City Chiefs and Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. What doesn’t say winning tradition like being the Georgia Bulldogs b#tch and winning six games in the last two years. Yup, that’s Chan Gailey’s new coaching staff. The Bills announced the hiring of five new coaches, four of them having ties to the great Kansas City Chiefs team of 2008, that happen to go 2-14.

Yeah, so much for the Bills scaling the NFL world, looking for the best guy for the job. But should it really surprise us that their assistant coaching search resembles their quest for a GM and coach? Actually, I shouldn’t include the GM search because all the Bills did was look down the hallway, instead of going outside of Buffalo.

I mean we all knew that Ralph Wilson talks about how envious he was of the late Lamar Hunt, but I didn’t know he felt the same way about the coaching staff there. I’m also wondering how you can name your kid, Giff Smith.


-Look, I’m not asking for the Bills to go out and sign Jim Fassel or Jim Hasslett as your coordinators (Even though that would be fine in my book), but if you are going to promote assistant coaches, why not go to teams that have had success and promote their quarterbacks coach to OC or their D-line coach to defensive coordinator. To bring in the winning tradition of the Kansas City Chiefs horrific teams isn’t exactly installing confidence in me.


Buffalo Sports Daily is reporting that it looks as if the Bills are going to be scrapping the 4-3 defense for a 3-4. I’ve made my thoughts clear on the move, people are acting as if the 3-4 represents this new wave defense that’s never been seen before. Sorry, but when you read reports that the Bills personnel is least suited to run a 3-4 defense in the NFL, it kind of tells me that maybe they should stay put and just get a better scheme and find a legit linebacker or two.

In order to run a 3-4, you need to have a lot of depth at linebacker. Um, yeah….Keith Ellison, Chris Draft and John DiGiorgio aren’t reminding me of the Steelers linebacking core. Not only do you have issues with your linebackers, but you would play your defensive tackles (who I think are the strongest part of your front seven) out of position. Allen Wilson said that Marcus Stroud was laughing his ass off when asked if he thought he could play nose tackle.

If the transition takes place, it will remind me of what happen in 2001 for the Bills. Greg Williams inherited a 3-4 defense that had finished 4th in the NFL, but was hell bent on inserting his 4-3 defense. The Bills cut a number of players like Sam Rogers, John Holecek and Henry Jones because they couldn’t fit in the 4-3. The Bills defense tanked the first two years under Williams, until they were able to sign Spikes, Milloy and Adams to turn the defense around. You see, it’s about finding players, not formations.


What’s up with the Bills and the local media’s relationship? First, you get the Bills hiring Chan Gailey, which no one saw in the press coming until the day before he was hired. Then you get the John Guy firing announced before midnight. Then it takes you almost five days for the Bills to confirm the hiring of their offensive coordinator. It seems like the Bills are doing their best Oakland Raiders version of dealing with the press core by not announcing anything. It’s not only a disservice to the press, but to Bills fans who want to know what the hell is going on with their team.


John Clayton said on that it wouldn’t shock him if the Bills decided to give Trent Edwards another crack at the starting job. Um, NO! Sorry, but when you teammates lose confidence in you and you can’t complete a pass of more than two yards, then you’re not a starter in this league. If you want to look for a reason why the Bills would give Edwards another chance, it starts with Ralph Wilson. Wilson, who by all accounts was behind the drafting of Edwards, is probably hell bent on proving that his archaic football mind is superior. Bottom Line: Edwards needs to get lost.


I can already hear the Sabres apologists say that if the team loses tonight against the Devils they are going to blame it on the jet leg. Sorry, but everyone has to fly in the NHL and if you’re on a four game losing streak, you need to put the frequent flyer miles behind you and put your best effort forward. It’s not like the Sabres are going to need their legs in this one, they are playing the Devils and their boring a## offensive style.

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One Response to Wednesday Thoughts

  1. Ron Stilwell says:

    How is this blog everything Buffalo when all you do is talk Bills and Sabres? Do you ever talk bout the Bisons or Bandits? Neverrrrr! Do you even know the Bandits record. No. Ok Ill tell ya it's 0-4. Why did they get rid of half there championship team from just 2 years ago?

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