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–I feel like I’ve gone through a war with this so-called Bills clean sweep effort. I had high expectations. The scene from the first Terminator movie, when Arnold came blazing through the cop station and was just blowing up everyone he saw. That’s what I wanted the scene to look like at One Bills Drive. Instead we get Kindergarten Cop coming in.

I just wanted out with the old and in with the new. Every franchise has done it. Before Bill Parcells took over the Dolphins, the team bottomed out and just blew up the whole thing. I wanted that for the Bills. I wanted the PR people at One Bills Drive to take out the media guide and just rip page after page out of the Bio’s section of the Bills. Instead of blowing everything up, we get world peace or the Governator coming in–

–When the news first broke about the whole Bill Cowher and Mike Shanahan “flirting,” I had written that it wouldn’t shock me if it was nothing more than the Bills just trying to appease the fans into thinking the team was in store for some serious changes. It was something that I wanted the franchise to do for the last decade, stop hiring cheap coaches!

At one point though, I changed my thought process that maybe this team was really trying to go after a big hire and it wasn’t just window dressing. Then the Marty Schottenheimer news broke that he wanted the coaching job, but Wilson didn’t want him here. In my view, the two biggest reasons had to with money and power.

I don’t care how many playoff games Marty chocked away. The guy has 200 wins! I repeat, 200 wins!! Why wouldn’t Ralph want to bring in Marty? Status quo my friends, status quo.

That would mean the Bills would have to pay him a ton of money. It’s safe to say that to this day, Ralph Wilson is still paying his coaches peanuts. Of course Marty is known to have a strong opinion and his run-ins with Dan Snyder and AJ Smith were probably a little too much for Ralph to stomach. Again, it’s up for debate if the majority of the talks with Cowher Power and Shanahan were just window dressing. But the Schottenheimer and Billick interest proves it in my book–

–Do you really want to know why the Bills couldn’t attract anyone to take this job in the NFL? It’s not because the team doesn’t have a quarterback, offensive lineman, 2nd receiver option, the cold weather and the lack of media exposure. Hell, the Detroit Lions went 0-16 in 2008 and were able to get an established young coordinator to take the job. The same goes for the Rams, who were in worse shape than the Bills. It’s all about whose signing the checks. No one wanted to work for a team that trades away their best offensive lineman. No one wants to work for a marketing guy who should be thankful he has a job. No one wants to have a 91-year old owner breathing down their neck. Most importantly, no one wants to work with a stupid ass cash to the cap philosophy —

–Let me give you my definition of a good retreaded head coach. It’s someone whose been fired from a head coaching job who had moderate success before getting fired, and then was able to turn around a defense or offense as a good coordinator. Bill Belichick was canned after being in Cleveland and was able to develop solid defenses with the Patriots and Jets before going to run the Patriots. Norv Turner was fired twice as a head coach, but was able to be an effective offensive coordinator afterwards.

What makes a bad retread is someone who stunk as a coordinator after being fired. Jim Fassel was a decent head coach, but after getting fired he stunk up the farm as the offensive coordinator in Baltimore. Hence the reason he can’t find a head coaching job. That same philosophy goes for Dennis Green, Jim Haslett and Mike Martz. All had coordinating jobs after being fired as head coach, all were failures at their second gigs (I’m not counting the UFL). Sorry, but you should know from my writings where I think Chan Gailey fits in–

–I swear, If I have to hear another media member talk about how Jerry Jones regrets firing Chan Gailey, I’m going to vomit. The reason Jones said that was simply so he could defend himself for keeping Wade Phillips. That’s it, plain and simple. He didn’t have an epiphany and is just using that firing regret to keep his Dallas critics at bay–

–I know there’s a lot of talk about bringing in Mike Vick to Buffalo. In case you are new to my blog, I’ve written on that subject many times in the past. I hate the idea. Mike Vick is one of the most over hyped players in NFL history. He can’t pass from the pocket, he’s getting up there in age, and he’s admitted that he doesn’t watch that much film. Sorry, but that doesn’t qualify you as being the quarterback of my team. Look, I get the argument that he would be the perfect stop gap quarterback, but when did the Bills become the home of jettisoned football players? T.O. anyone? But then again, signing Vick will of course do the same thing that the T.O. signing did for the Bills. Raise the morale amongst a desperate fan base and get some ESPN exposure–

–Look, I’m as happy as anyone that John Guy was fired, however I didn’t appreciate getting awaken at midnight with the team texting me about the firing. Now if I’m not happy, I’m sure the media wasn’t either. What a complete joke to announce the firing when the local news had already aired their sports cast and the newspaper had already printed their articles. Trust me when I say this, it wasn’t by accident the timing of the news. Their intentions were also the same when they announced the Nix hiring on New Years Eve. They did it because they dislike the local media and think that the firing won’t get as much coverage because it broke at midnight. I also think the timing had a lot to do with the fact they made a mockery of the Rooney rule by interviewing him as the GM, and thought that canning him close to midnight would make it less of a PR Blunder–

–How about some hockey talk?! Yes, I know, I haven’t written anything about the Sabres lately because of Chan Gailey ruining my life. But I was actually really impressed with their 5-4 loss against the Ducks. If it was two years ago and the team was down 4-0 in a game, the team would have completely folded. Instead, they came roaring back in the 2nd period and almost pulled out the comeback. The good thing about the Sabres over the last month is that they are winning games in different ways. It’s very important for me to see this team being able to match goal for goal with the opposition. Anything can happen during a NHL game and I want to see the Sabres adjust to a team who can actually figure out their goaltending

–I was a little sad to see Michael Peca retire yesterday. To be honest with you, I didn’t even know if he was still playing or not. I find it sad because Peca was seriously jammed by the Sabres ten years ago because of his contract. It didn’t make any sense for the Sabres not to resign him. They had some high priced players on their team from Hasek to Satan to Gilmour. Why couldn’t you just spread the wealth to a fan favorite who gave his all while playing for you. What saddens me the most is what happened to him after leaving Buffalo. He was playing well in LI and blew out his ACL after Darcy Tucker took him out in the playoffs. He just was never the same afterwards, and became a journeyman. It’s also strange how ten years later the guy the Sabres got in return for Peca, Tim Connolly is still playing with the team at a pretty decent level (there, I said it). Peca was the epitome of what Buffalo fans love, a hard blue-collar worker, who could hit, fight and score–

–So I went to the Sabres/Islanders game last weekend in LI and sat 5th row from the ice, sick seats right? The one thing I can say about the arena is that the concourses are about the length of my living room (which isn’t saying much). The arena is a complete dump. However, my tune changed when I sat down and saw the most stunning skaters roaming the ice. The New York Islanders Ice Girls!? I’m sorry, but I’m not a traditionalist and I would take everything back that I ever said about Larry Quinn if he decided to institute the “Sabretts” into the line-up. Catchy name, right?–

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