What have we learned about the Bills front office?

How about this for a conspiracy theory? I’m starting to think that Russ Brandon, Tom Modrak and John Guy somehow devised a plan to get Tom Donahoe fired. Think about. They were all brought in by Donahoe and maybe they made Ralph Wilson believe that the were the brains behind the Bills organization. Maybe they told Wilson that Donahoe was the soul reason the team stunk for five years and that if they gave this trio the keys to kingdom they would crown a new champion. Maybe they orchestrated a coup against Donahoe and that’s why they still have jobs with the Bills. Add Buddy Nix to the trio and you have the folks who are running the day-to-day operations of the Bills.

With that being said, what have we learned about this group?

Russ Brandon
Don’t give me the theory that just because Brandon wasn’t at the introduction of Chan Gailey’s press conference that he’s not running the show. This is the same organization that doesn’t even have press conferences when they fire or give extensions to their coaches. They are so disorganized that they probably forgot to have the company car pick them up. I don’t know what to make of Brandon, is he Wilson’s puppet or is he just undermining the success of the Bills by making sure he’s always in power?

Trust me when I say this, but Russ Brandon is still running the Bills the same way he did the last two seasons. Just because he was promoted to president doesn’t mean he’s sitting in the back room and figuring out ways to market the team. He’s going to have his stamp of approval (or whatever it was the last two years) on this team and do it in the silent partner way. He’s taking a page out of the Larry Quinn handbook by staying out of the public eye because the fans don’t respect you. By not being at press conferences, he’s making the fans and some flunkies in the media think that his hands are clean when it comes to whose being hired.

He played the whole hiring of Nix smoothly. He understands that the fan base was desperate to have a new face for the football operation. He needed Marv Levy again, someone who would be the figure head to show that he’s just the innocent marketing guy. Which leads me to the figure head.

Buddy Nix
Look, I wasn’t feeling this hire at all, mainly because the Bills needed to throw John Guy and Tom Modrak on their asses. But my worries were multiplied when I read that Nix wanted Marty Schottenheimer as the next coach, only to get rebuffed by Ralph Wilson. Oh no, just another “yes man” for the Bills organization. Yeah, I know, he breeds football and was a scout for the Bills during the 90’s. But who doesn’t breed football when they work in the NFL?

I also wasn’t exactly enamored in the way he ran the press conference yesterday. First, the Bills shouldn’t be calling out any other franchise because their record and history speaks for itself. Sorry, but as bad as the Raiders have been, at least the have Super Bowl Trophies and made it to the playoffs the last decade.

Nix also sounded delusional by saying that 80% of what was reported about the Bills coaching front was false. Give me a break, all the assistants who said no to the Bills were reported by established reporters.

Now look, I’ll be the first to admit that I shouldn’t be bashing someone that has been on the job for only 3 weeks, but he hasn’t exactly built my confidence up since he took the job. Bringing in Chan Gailey isn’t going to have me looking at the calender and counting down the days till September. Sorry, but the guy has been fired from three of his last four jobs?! It’s also unfair to Nix that he’s surrounded by the same flunkies who built this team into a national laughing stock, which leads me to my next duo.

John Guy and Tom Modrak
Whether you like or dislike the Nix or Gailey hiring , one thing for sure is they are dealing with half a deck of cards. That deck consists of Guy and Modrak. Why are on earth are these two guys still employed by the Bills is beyond me. As much as I hate the Gailey hiring, it’s completely unfair for him to have the same people who drafted Trent Edwards, Mike Williams, Donte Whitner and James Hardy as his talent evaluators. I’ve said it countless times, but all this so called front office movement was geared towards taking the pressure off firing Guy and Modrak. Thurman Thomas being a scout will be the coup de grace for the fan base to forget about these guys calling the shots.

Here’s the bottom line about all these guys I’ve listed: They are nothing more than Ralph Wilson’s cronies. Yes men. Guys who will tell Wilson everything he wanted to hear, and are in debt to him for letting them keep their jobs beyond the time they should have been fired.

You think Chan Gailey is going to bang on Ralph Wilson’s door asking for a legit starting LT or a new linebackers? Please…Gailey hasn’t been on the head coaching radar for years. He’s happy as hell to be the head coach for a team. That same rhetoric goes for Guy/Modrak/Brandon.

There’s no clear cut power structure as to who is running the Buffalo Bills. You always heard the cliche of “too many cooks in the kitchen.” That saying goes for what the Bills front office has become, except these cooks would mess up a cup of coffee. But hey, as long as the main chef (Wilson) can tell his cooks what to put on the menu, he’s going to be satisfied with the team. We just have to eat the chicken s#$t and pretend it’s chicken salad.
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  1. Ron Stilwell says:

    Ralph must read your blog. Peace Guy

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