So what have we learned about Ralph Wilson?

It was Novemeber 17th, 2009 when the Bills made me feel like Christmas had come early, they fired Dick Jauron. Ten weeks later, I feel like I’m a 6-year old boy who just found out that Santa Clause doesn’t exist. It feels like a punch in the stomach to know that John Guy, Tom Modrak and Chan Gailey have jobs.

I’d love to just stop writing insults about how this team has made a mockery of the sport I truly love. But..I just can’t. Every time I post a bunch of random thoughts on the team, I’ll be eating a bagel sandwich and something will pop into my head about the disaster known as the Buffalo Bills.
So what did we all learn after a two month epic disaster known as the Bills quest for a coach? Easy..we learned that you can’t give the benefit of the doubt to this team ever again.

Ralph Wilson
If there’s one person I can say that I learned the most about during this time period, it’s Ralph Wilson. It’s Wilson’s way or the highway. It’s better to reign in hell than to serve in heaven. Yup, that’s Ralph Wilson alright.

I really wanted to believe that Wilson had finally “got it” after firing Dick Jauron. I thought we would finally get the housecleaning that was so long overdue. Wilson furthered my thoughts when he came out and bristled at the notion that he was cheap and that money wouldn’t be an object when it comes to finding a coach.
I was on cloud 9 when Vic Carucci came out and posted the following blog two days after Jauron was fired.

Mike Shanahan has emerged as the Bills’ “No. 1 candidate” to become their full-time coach after the season, according to a source close to the team.The Bills, the source said, are willing to offer whatever salary is necessary to land a high-end candidate such as Shanahan and would give him total control of the football operation,

“This is his (Wilson’s) last coach and (he) is going to do everything it takes to get it right,” the source said of the 91-year-old owner.

Now this isn’t Joe Logan from Angola or Joe from NYC saying this. It’s Vic Carucci using a Bills source, not a Shanahan source, or an agent, a Bills source! Which must mean it’s someone who resides at One Bills Drive. It’s posted by Vic Carucci, whose history speaks for itself when it comes to knowing what the deal is with the Bills organization.

What got my blood pumping wasn’t what was written about bringing in Shanahan, it was that Wilson would do everything he could to get it right because it may be his last coach. Sorry, but if Chan Gailey is going to be my last coach on the planet earth then lord, please take me now.

This is what we get from an owner who claims to spare no expense when it comes to looking to better the franchise.

A GM search that consisted of just looking down the hallway at One Bills Drive. A coach search that consisted of being rebuffed by everyone under the sun, only to get a guy whose been fired multiple times. I don’t care if Bill Cowher and Mike Shanahan said no, there’s got to be better alternatives than a Nix and Gailey partnership.

Now if Buddy Nix claims that he could have given the job to 30-40 coaches, then I’d like to think they could have done better than Gailey, which leads me back to Wilson.

The Bills owner is someone who is completely out of touch with what it takes to win in the NFL. I still can’t fathom his epiphany that the Bills needed a “football guy” to run the organization during the introduction of Buddy Nix. It was straight out of the PR handbook.

Wilson has smart people who understand what it takes to satisfy a fan base that really doesn’t ask much of the Bills. I’m sure they were able to map out a ton of scenarios to appease the fan base. The biggest one consisting of Wilson to interview big named coaches, so they could at least tell the fans they tried, that way when they trotted out some retread, the die-hard Bills fan would just say, “What else could they have done? No one wanted to come here.” Very smooth Ralph.

But the biggest factor in all this is that Wilson doesn’t care about the Bills as much as the fans do. He’s become a guy whose all about the nostalgia of being able to run a football team, rather than run the team to the playoffs. The tipping of the iceberg occurred when reports surfaced that Marty Schottenheimer wanted the Bills job. Whether you like Marty or not, he breeds control and accountability. The same goes for Brian Billick.

Wilson doesn’t want to have someone tell him what to do. He wants to be able to enjoy his senior years of having the luxury to run the team his own way. Don’t believe me? Ask Buddy Nix, who by reports wanted Schottenheimer as the head coach only to get rebuffed by Wilson.

It’s nothing but status quo for the Bills and their owner. Wilson is reigning in hell alright, and he’s taking all of us with him.

I’ll have more about what we have learned about certain people in Buffalo during the Bills search for a coach

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2 Responses to So what have we learned about Ralph Wilson?

  1. PKB says:

    Not too shabby Joe. This is probably your best display of scribe skills here yet.Where does this leave you with the Bills though? That's your next step I think. After everything Bills fans have endured with Wilson (you know the details), how can reasonable people that consider themselves fans continue to support this team?

  2. joe says:

    It's easy to appease the fan base of Buffalo. They will always come back. Thanks for're the guy who wrote me that long ass email..glad you still read my blog

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