Report: Marty Schottenheimer wanted the Bills job

Tim Graham is reporting that Marty Schottenheimer wanted the head coaching job for the Bills. Unfortunately, the Bills couldn’t consider Schottenheimer because Ralph Wilson didn’t want to work with him.

Can the last 24 hours as a Bills fan get any worse? After hearing the news about Marty, I can only compare it to finding out that the hottest girl in high school had a crush on you, only to have your best friend c@ck block you and tell the girl that you were nothing more than a jerk.

Is there a reason why Wilson wasn’t comfortable working with Marty? what? He didn’t want a coach telling him that he’s run the organization into the ground for the last ten years? Did Wilson want a coach who would bow to the notion of drafting Marshawn Lynch and Trent Edwards? Did he want a coach who would be able to embrace the cash to cap philosophy?

No wonder why Marty’s son didn’t want to interview with the Bills. It would have been a nice thought of having Marty as the head coach and Brian as the offensive coordinator.

But noooooooooooo..Mr. Wilson doesn’t want to bring in a coach with a proven track record, whose turned around a couple of franchises on his watch. It also proves the notion that Nix & company are only there to provide window dressing to cover up who exactly is in charge of the team. It also gives more credence to the notion that the courting of Cowher and Shanahan was all about showing the fans that the team was willing to talk, but it was nothing more than a facade to make the fans forget that the team resembles a third world country.

If the team was really serious, why wouldn’t they call the former Bills player? Did Marty complain one too many times about playing in the Rock Pile? Did he think Wilson screwed over Lou Saban? Again, the Bills are all about smoke and mirrors. Lets use a bunch of gimmicks to make the fans think we will spend millions on coaches.
Speaking of millions, I’d love to see how much Chan Gailey is going to make for the Bills? I’m willing to bet it ranks 32nd in the NFL. Which would describe where this team is ranked in the NFL.

It shouldn’t shock anyone that Wilson wouldn’t want someone that has an opinion about the organization to come here. This is the same owner who fired Bill Polian because he had an attitude. Wilson is all about having a bunch of flunkies who will tell him that the organization is in great shape.

You want to know why the Bills haven’t been to the playoffs in ten years? Look no further than Ralph Wilson.

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One Response to Report: Marty Schottenheimer wanted the Bills job

  1. Anonymous says:

    I couldn't have said it better myself. It's just a matter of time that we either lose this team, or get a new owner who keeps the team here, but either way I'm looking forward to it. I can't continue to invest my time, money, energy, and emotions into this team as long as the owner's name is Ralph Wilson.

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