It’s official: Chan Gailey is your man

-Lets be honest, we all know this hiring is about no one wanting to take the Bills job. What I would like to know is if any of these coaches who the Bills contacted had asked if the team was going to spend money. The Bills salary cap is amongst the lowest in the league and spending money hasn’t been their forte. I think the team’s inability to spend money and trade away players because of salary demands, has a ton to do with no one wanting to come here. If I’m one of those assistant coaches that turned down the Bills, that’s the first thing I would ask. If no one was interested in coming to interview for the job, it tells me that maybe the Bills are going to stick with their business model that spending less equals more-

-Maybe Buddy Nix should elaborate on what he meant by saying that 80% of what was reported about the Bills coaching search was false. Um Buddy, what would be considered to be false? Did Brian Schottenheimer not have a press conference saying that he’d rather be in Rex Ryan’s XXXL shadow than take the Bills job? Did Russ Brandon only fly to Denver to meet with Shanahan to ask about how he maintains his fake tan? Did Allen Wilson make up talking to Russ Grimm about getting interviewed? Did the Bills just decide to put the last two months of their coaching search into just Chan Gailey? Please, tell me what was false?-

-So according to Buddy Nix, 15-20 coaches were calling the Bills for an interview. Sorry, but former XFL, CFL and Sweet Home coaches don’t count as making the Bills job a high destination. BTW, nice comedy line against the Oakland Raiders. All due respect to the Bills, but at least the Raiders made the playoffs and Super Bowl last decade-

-Look, everyone who becomes the new coach of a sports team is going to have a decent opening press conference. The coaches are going to be excited and answer questions they have been trained to answer since day one. In other words, I’m not big on first impressions. If Gailey came out and punched the wall and sang the shout song, I’m sure fans would be excited about his energy. I just don’t care to listen to opening conferences-

-If anyone sounded like an idiot at the press conference, it was Buddy Nix. The way he introduced Gailey makes me think he couldn’t introduce the menu at Just Pizza. It’s also not a good thing to declare war on the media after just three weeks on the job, you’re asking for a ton of trouble. And I don’t know about you, but I wasn’t exactly thrilled to hear the GM say that he wasn’t looking forward to finding the next Bills coach. I mean does he at least like finding players?

-I’m soooooooooo happy that the Bills decided to talk to Bill Cowher! Not only did Cowher tell the Bills to get lost multiple times, but by reports, he decided to recommend that the Bills hire Chan Gailey. Gees, was this Cowher’s way of saving a homeless person? Did he forget to donate money to his favorite charity? Did his fortune cookie say something along the lines to help out old friends? Hell, I always thought the Bills were just doing window dressing by talking to Bill Cowher, instead the team was actually letting Cowher help out in the coaching search. Thanks Bill, thanks for making Gailey’s dreams come true and extending the nightmare for Bills fans-

-Speaking of Bills outsiders, I feel so much better that Jerry Jones biggest regret was firing Chan Gailey. First off, Jerry Jones is completely full of it. Secondly, wouldn’t you think Jones would mention his falling out with Jimmy Johnson as his biggest regret? Which would prove once again that Jones is full of it-

-Look, anyone who says that the disdain amongst fans for hiring Chan Gailey has everything to do with the Bills past and not being able to get Cowher or Shanahan is completely bull. I don’t care if the Bills are coming off four consecutive Super Bowl wins, this hiring is a complete joke. Gailey is someone whose been fired from three of his last four jobs, he’s coached in the NFL for one season since 2001, and he hasn’t been on the NFL head coaching radar in years. Sorry, but I’d take a young established coordinator to come here than some retread who couldn’t cut it in college or the NFL-

-Let me just state how I feel about this organization as a whole. I’m done with giving them the benefit of the doubt. I’m done sugarcoating why this or that hiring will work. Mark my words, the Bills will never make the playoffs while Ralph Wilson owns the team. I wrote during the Bills firing of Jauron that the team needed to do a complete overhaul. If the Bills didn’t accomplish this, we would be having the same discussions that we had during the end of the Donahoe, Mularkey, Jauron and Williams era. From the looks of it, we will be having the same discussion 1-3 years down the road-

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