Weekend thoughts

No one likes being rejected. We have all had it done to us at many points in our lives. But sometimes you can understand why. If a model turns you down for some rich stock broker type guy, you aren’t going to like it, but at least you get why. If you can’t get a job as the president of the Buffalo Bills because you don’t have football experience (oh wait, that happened), you at least can go about your life knowing that it was never meant to be. Now, if you’re getting rejected for a job at McDonald’s or by a girl on a deserted island, then you’re having issues. Which leads to the Buffalo Bills coaching search.

The latest news (From The Buffalo News) is that Russ Grimm is more than likely going to say those famous words that Wilson and company have heard since they’ve fired Dick Jauron, “Thanks, but no thanks” for an interview.

It’s one thing to get rejected by Bill Cowher, Mike Shanahan, Jon Gruden & Mike Holmgren. They are established Super Bowl winning coaches, who don’t have to beg for a HC job and can afford to be picky. But it’s another thing to get rejected by an offensive line coach! Someone whose never been a head coach! Someone that doesn’t even call plays!? Someone who coaches like 5 people!? Yes, I know, he does more than coach the line, but it’s still pretty sad.

History says that it’s pretty hard to get promoted from a line coach to a head coach (Tony Sparano is the only current head coach to do that). So getting any sort of interview should be bonus points. Yet you don’t want to even interview for a chance to run your own show? I don’t care how nice the weather is in Arizona. A coach’s goal is to be the head man in charge. It’s just another black eye for a Bills organization that may have to turn to the CFL just to get an interview with a coach


-I’ve made my case clear on wanting Jason Garrett to come to Buffalo. But I’m wondering if the Bills are even interested in him or vice verse. We all know that the Bills can’t talk to any of the coaches who are still in the playoffs, but they can still fill out the paperwork for permission to talk. They tried doing it for Grimm and Schottenheimer.

However, they still haven’t spoken to the Cowboys about getting permission. I don’t understand why you wouldn’t want to interview Garrett. I do think it may be a long shot getting Garrett because he makes a good amount of money in Dallas and if the team goes deep into the playoffs, his stock will skyrocket to the point of where he can afford to wait till next year, when better job openings will occur.

Plus, lets be honest here, the Dallas coordinator job is probably more highly regarded coaching spot than the head man for the Bills.


-I had to laugh a little bit when Larry Quinn told Schopp and the Bulldog, that Tom Golisano is still heavily involved in Sabres operations, and that he watches multiple hockey games nightly. Gee Tom, maybe with all your watching of “hockey night in Golisano’s house,” you’d understand how fans feel that their going to have to watch the last four away games of the Sabres road trip while listening to the home team announcers.


What professional teams do this? Then you wonder why the Sabres never make trades at the deadline. That would mean they would have to do the following : 1)Use up their long distance minutes to talk trade. 2) Fly in the player. 3) Stitch up a new jersey. 4)Turn the lights on at the new player’s press conference. Just bills, bills, bills.

BTW, if Golisano is so into watching other hockey games, maybe he should fly up to the HSBC Arena once in a while to watch his investment. Or maybe he just doesn’t really watch that many hockey games as Quinn says he does. Or maybe he’s just counting the money.

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