One more Sabres trade comment

Look, I have no clue what trades are out there. But to put it bluntly, I feel that Sabres have tried to brainwash some of the fan base into thinking that trade deadline day, which is a national holiday in Canada, is nothing more than April 15th (Tax day). “My god, did you see what the Penguins gave up for Hossa? Did you see what the Ducks gave up for Pronger?”

Yada, yada, yada. It’s the same thing you hear every year during trade deadline time from the Sabres. It’s like the Sabres are the Whitney Houston’s version of the NHL world with their “I believe the children are our future” rhetoric.

Look, I agree that any professional sports team’s lifeline is their youth. But when you’re on the cusp of contending for a championship, you have to do what’s best at that given time. When it comes to the NHL, nobody knows what the hell your youth is going to do.

I’d also like someone to show me any trade deadline deal over the last four years that has sent a franchise into the abyss by trading their youth. Atlanta didn’t get better by trading Hossa to Pittsburgh, the Oilers didn’t get better by trading Keith Pronger and Ryan Smyth. The Sabres didn’t get better with Steve Bernier coming to Buffalo in the Brian Campbell deal.

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