Lynch’s agent speaks out

In response to allegations that Bills running back Marshawn Lynch took $20 from a woman at a Buffalo-area TGI Friday’s, Lynch’s agent has taken aim at the woman’s husband, a Buffalo police officer.

“Based upon information we’ve received, these allegations against Marshawn are false and entirely malicious,” Doug Hendrickson told us vial e-mail. Hendrickson also calls the claim “slanderous,” and he contends that Crawford is a “racist rogue cop.”

“This guy is very dangerous and the citizens of Buffalo should be scared that this guy is on the force,” Hendrickson said. (

Mind of Joe
Like I said earlier, Buffalo is finding itself in a little bit of a recruiting problem. When an agent says that a cop in Buffalo is a “racists rogue,” it’s not going to make other players want to come to Buffalo.

The Buffalo police department also issued a statement saying that no one has complained to them about Marshawn Lynch. Again, this doesn’t seem like an open and shut case against Lynch.

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