Ralph Wilson has spoken

Bills owner Ralph Wilson confirmed the team has spoken to Bill Cowher about the team’s coaching vacancy. Wilson isn’t sure whether the former Steelers coach is interested in the job.

“I don’t know,” Wilson told The Associated Press during a brief interview from his home in suburban Detroit on Friday. “You’d have to ask him.”

Though Cowher has been widely speculated as being a candidate for the Bills job, Wilson was the first person to publicly say the Bills have spoken to him. Cowher, who works as an NFL analyst for CBS, has declined to discuss his future.

Wilson stressed that he could not go into much detail about the team’s coaching search, but did say it was ongoing as the Bills attempt to fill the job left open after Dick Jauron was fired in November.

Declining to place a timetable on the search, Wilson said “we don’t want to rush into hiring a coach just to be hiring somebody quick.” He then added: “We don’t want to hire a coach with a splashy name.”

The Bills are one of two teams looking for a new coach after the Seattle Seahawks fired Jim Mora on Friday.

Wilson said the team has no preference in hiring someone with a defensive or offensive background.

“We want to hire a coach who wants to come to Buffalo and be a part of the community, you know what I mean?” Wilson said. “We’re looking for a guy with a lot of passion.” (From AP)

Mind of Joe
I’ll be frank, I’m not one of those fans whose all about having a coach come here that is great with a quote and a fiery guy. I want a guy who can coach. Maybe I’m reading into Wilson’s thought process too much, but when he says he wants a guy with a ton of passion, it tells me he’s been told about the fans hatred towards mild manner coaches like Jauron. I’ve always said that it’s pretty easy to market a team in Buffalo. Just find a Rex Ryan type whose tough and is “blue collar” (more on my hatred of that word in a later blog) and the fans will be happy.

As for Bill Cowher, you know where I stand. He’s not coming here. He’s going to chill out for another year, unless the Cowboys fire Wade.

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