Friday extra quick thoughts

-Good for Bills fans to put up a billboard wanting to see Bill Cowher in Buffalo. At least their trying harder to make the Bills a promising destination than Ralph Wilson has in the last 10 years. By the way, the reason why Cowher hasn’t said he’s NOT interested in the Buffalo job is because that would eliminate his leverage with other teams. It’s Mike Shanahan all over again. Trust me, If Cowher says he’s staying in TV, then there won’t be as much pressure on other owners to fire their coaches-

-I don’t know about you, but I seriously doubt that Ryan Miller will be an overnight sensation if the USA hockey team goes deep in the Olympics. Sure, he may be on Jay Leno (unless the show gets canceled before then), but if you’re thinking people in Montana will think Hockey and Ryan Miller in the same breath as the 1980 hockey team, then you’re smoking to much of the “hockey is heaven” pipe dream. Last I checked, Mike Richter or Mike Dunham didn’t become household names when the USA team got a silver medal in 2002. This isn’t against hockey, it’s just that the Olympic audience is more geared towards amateurs who are in their teens. Not to mention the Olympics have to deal with more competition then they did in the 80’s with so many sports alternatives on television-

-It’s wishful thinking on my part, but wouldn’t it be nice if Ralph Wilson felt embarrassed because the NFL views the Bills franchise as a complete joke and decided to go crazy and put money into the team to prove them wrong? Yeah, I doubt he’ll do that-

-Just wondering, why haven’t the Bills contacted Brian Billick? Yahoo reported that Billick was interested in the job. Makes me wonder if the Bills heard about Billick’s NFL Network comment about no one wanting to take a job in Buffalo and are holding it against him. It’s just weird that you wouldn’t call someone who has a Super Bowl win on his resume. Oh, I forgot, maybe Ralph doesn’t know Billick and that’s why. Sigh-

-You want to know what the worst part about every coach in the NFL not wanting to come here? It’s the fact that there’s only two open coaching jobs. It’s either sit on your ass on a CBS set or sit in the press box and call plays as a coordinator. Can you imagine if there were 7-10 job openings? The Bills would have to get coaches from the XFL or Buffalo State. If that didn’t work, maybe the team would run an interactive coaching game with the fans, where you could text if you want the Bills to run or pass in a game situation-

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