Report: Cowher to stay in TV

Well fans, I hope you have all learned a valuable lesson about what the term “leverage” is all about in the NFL. “Oh my goodness! Bill Cowher talked to the Bills!”

Fans, that information wasn’t leaked on Sunday, the last day of the NFL season, by accident. It was leaked so it could put pressure on the Panthers and Buccaneers to fire their coaches. Unfortunately for Cowher, the Panthers and Bucs didn’t bite. The only coaching job out there is the Bills Job. I guess Cowher would rather be on a stupid pregame show, where he can slap red buzzers and share stupid jokes with his co-hosts than be the head coach of the Bills.
It’s a pretty bad slap in the face for Bills fans that not one, but three Super Bowl winning coaches have said “no thanks” to the Bills.

There’s a ton of reasons why a big named coach doesn’t want to come to Buffalo. Of course on the surface, it’s about how bad the Bills have been over the last decade. You have an owner who doesn’t spend to the top of the cap, who promotes from within, who hires a marketing guru to run his team.

No quarterback, no offensive line, no linebacking core. Should I really go on about the state of the franchise? The Bills are the Oakland Raiders of the East. The only difference is that the Bills don’t get the PR that the Raiders do. Seriously, tell me one reason why one of these coaches would want to come here?

The fans? Seriously? Just get over the whole illusion that these coaches get misty eyed when they think of Bills fans carrying them to the hall of fame if they get the Bills a Championship. Hate to say it, but these coaches don’t need Buffalonians to tell them how good they are. When you have the cities of Pittsburgh and Denver, along with all of ESPN stroking their egos, they don’t need Buffalonians to do the same.

Coaches these days tend to over think everything. That’s why they want long preseasons, so they can figure out who is better, their 53rd or 54th player. You think they want to go to a team with the record that the Bills have had. Yes, I know, the Bucs and Panthers aren’t the greatest of destinations. But at least both teams have made the playoffs and been to the Super Bowl over the last decade.

Lets not forget, this is Buffalo. You know, the city that gets about ten minutes of ESPN coverage a year. Coaches want to be seen on National TV. They want to see their face posted all over ESPN. Take it from T.O., but once you leave a major market, you kind of become irrelevant to the national media.
Living in NYC, I talk to fans who have relocated from all over the country. People don’t respect Buffalo. They don’t think of the city as anything more than New York State’s armpit and the home of Chicken Wings and blizzards. Trust me, I’ve tried telling them it’s better than that, but they don’t believe me. If they don’t believe me, what makes you think Bill Cowher will believe Ralph Wilson?
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2 Responses to Report: Cowher to stay in TV

  1. Just heard that you guys are interested in McDermott. Please, please, PLEASE take that ginger away from us! PLEEEEASE!

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