Tuesday Thoughts

-Why in the world is Perry Fewell thinking of starting Ryan Fitzpatrick again? Sorry Perry, but your interview is over and the Bills management (whoever it is) should be telling him to take a look at Brian Brohm once again. What’s a win going to do for Fewell or the Bills anyways? Their playing against a Colts team that will be playing Drew Willy and their back-ups by the 2nd quarter. Sorry, but that’s not exactly a victory that will springboard the Bills into 2010. Play Brohm again and see what he can do with another week of preparation-

-So the Bills are now officially going to start their coaching search. Um, what the hell were they doing the last 2 months? Figuring out how they can get a refund on the Terrell Owens contract? Maybe they were trying to work out a sponsorship deal with Kinkos, so they can do a better job in cropping out Dick Jauron in the team photo. Something just stinks about this coaching search. The Bills have to clean house! Fire everyone who was interviewed by Marv Levy and Tom Donahoe. Right now, Russ Brandon needs to find the next GM or football operations czar. Once the grand poobah is found, then they can start the search for the coach. The fact that Brandon hasn’t really given much thought about finding a GM tells me that he’s going to be the one who makes all the personnel decisions. If that’s the case then the Bills should just bring back Jauron

-I’ve already stated that my dream GM would be Floyd Reese. As for my next head coach, I’d like to give it to Jason Garrett, offensive coordinator for the Cowboys. First, you have a coach who is use to coaching in the pressure cooker that is Dallas. Secondly, under his watch he has developed players like Tony Romo and Miles Austin. If the Bills want to go in the offensive direction, then Garrett is your guy. So there you have it, my dream team is Floyd Reese and Jason Garrett. What you think?-

-OK, I know I’m going to get hell from hockey purists for this, but I’m not as smitten about the Winter Classic as everyone else is. All I keep hearing is how this year’s classic won’t ever match the first one. Well, if I’m the NHL I would hope that’s the case. I went to the original classic and to be frank, it was a total snooze fest. Come on, you’re going to tell me a 2-1 Shootout, where chunks of ice were scattering across the ice is entertaining? I’m just not the type of fan who gets all into a sporting event atmosphere that doesn’t match the on the field product-

-It’s going to be interesting to see how Ryan Miller plays against the Penguins tonight. Remember, Miller didn’t play against the Penguins the first time around. I’m looking forward to seeing how he plays against the offensive monster of Pittsburgh-

-Lots of talk about Thomas Vanek and how fans feel about him in Buffalo . Here’s the deal with Vanek, I don’t buy into the notion about how much money he is making as a reason to not like the guy. My biggest problem with Vanek is how he was drafted 5th overall, and even if he wasn’t making 7 million a year, I’d still be hard on him because players drafted that high should be cornerstones. Hell, we all give crap to Donte Whitner and Marshawn Lynch because they were drafted high. I don’t know what gives with Vanek. At the start of last year, Vanek was on pace for 30 goals in 30 games. I think he’s battling confidence issues. You can tell when Vanek messes up, he gets really hard on himself. People who normally get too hard on themselves, tend to be not sure of themselves-

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  1. Ron Stilwell says:

    http://www.salsports.com/www.SalSports.com/Home.htmlThis dude talks bout Ralph having a succession plan for the team and Cowher coming.

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