Joe from NYC endorses Flyod Reese

I think it’s safe to say that we can lose the dream scenario that the Bills are going to get a big named coach. There’s just too much smoke with Mike Holmgren and Mike Shanahan flirting with other hot teams, only to have the Bills sitting in the basement playing solitaire. Hell, if the Bills did this flawed interview process just to get fans hopes up, consider them the girl who decided to wear a lingerie on prom night, only to walk out the door saying they were saving themselves for marriage.

With all those metaphors, it’s time to turn the page on that fantasy. I give to you my first choice for the Buffalo Bills, Floyd Reese.

The Bio on Reese goes like this, he was the GM for the Titans/Oilers from 1994-2006. Prior to that he served as the assistant GM for the Oilers from ’90-93. He has drafted guys like Steve McNair, Eddie George, Derek Mason, Keith Bulluck & Albert Haynesworth. The biggest thing going for Reese is that he’s a rebuilder. Twice during his reign with the franchise, the Titans/Oilers had to endure a rebuilding process. Reese, with help from Jeff Fisher, was able to weather the storm and guide the team back to contention.

Another thing going for Reese is that he’s use to working for an old school, hands-on owner. His boss in Tennessee was Bud Adams. This is the same guy who flicked the birdie to the Bills sideline and moved his team from Houston.

Unfortunately for Reese, he lost his job due to a power struggle with Jeff Fisher at the end of the 2006 season. I’m sure a lot of Bills pessimists are thinking it could be Tom Donahoe and Bill Cowher all over again. Well, Mike Holmgren had power struggles in Green Bay and both parties turned out fine.

Currently, Reese is working as a the senior football advisor for the Patriots. Hey, If you can’t be them, may as well join them.

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