Bills vs Patriots Recap

There’s always two types of Bills vs Patriots games. The Bills either get blown out or just blow it. I’m not sure if this game belongs in one of those categories. Maybe it represents a new era of Bills vs Patriots? Remember last year how the Bills lost to the Patriots by only 10 and 13 points. The Patriots aren’t the same Patriots from years back, and the Bills are just..the same Bills.

But what all these games have in common is that the Bills always find a way to shoot themselves in the foot. A drop pass by Josh Reed and a stupid ass penalty by Aaron Maybin will go in the history books with McKelvin bringing the ball out of the endzone and Drew Bledsoe’s naked boot-leg.

The stats and scoreboard show that the Bills were in it. However, if you watched the entire game, you would know it wasn’t as close. I’m sure if the Bills tied the game, the Patriots would have just done what they did in week one. Get pissed off and realized they were playing the Bills. The drive for 7-9 is on life support, but does it really matter at this point?

Random Thoughts:

-I’m really glad that Aaron Maybin was able to convert his god awful rushing technique to special teams. The guy couldn’t look more out of sync on being offsides in nullifying a Bills onside kick recovery. I’m sure if the play counted, Maybin would have bronzed his helmet for being on the field for his only defying moment of this season. How many rookies would you rather have playing in Buffalo that were picked ahead of Maybin? Pretty much everyone who was drafted from Texas or USC

-You always hear the cliche that the stats don’t tell the whole story. You could have made that case with the Bills secondary versus Tom Brady. I never thought that Brady passing for zero and eleven yards in the 1st and 4th quarter, would make me take issue with some of the defensive backs. First, Donte Whitner has absolutely no clue how to cover anyone. He played the Randy Moss pass interference play as bad as you can in the NFL. Secondly, are Maybin’s celebrations a bad influence on Drayton Florence? Seriously? You have to do a Ralph Wilson Stadium leap after you knocked a pass away? My god, if Maybin gets a sack or Florence gets an interception, call the NFL, because I’m sure they will be fining the duo for excessive celebrations-

-I didn’t mind Perry Fewell benching Ryan Fitzpatrick for Trent Edwards. He was looking for any sort of spark, which of course happened after Edwards was injured after getting sacked twice on his only four plays. Of course, the spark (more like a flashlight) was from Fitzpatrick, who played better in relief of Edwards. Even with a better 4th quarter performance by Fitzpatrick, I’ve seen enough of him this season to know that it’s time to bring in Brian Brohm. As far as I’m concerned, Perry Fewell’s audition is over. It’s time to see what we have with some of our younger players. Is Brohm the answer? I don’t know. I sure as hell know that Edwards and Fitzpatrick aren’t-

-You want to pick an offensive player of the year for the Bills, It’s Fred Jackson. Jackson had a nice 1st half against the Patriots, rushing for 73 yards and averaging almost 7 yards a carry. Those stats made the Bills abandoning Jackson in the 2nd half (only gaining 7 yards), even more mind boggling. Why would you decide to shy away from Jackson? You have the Green Bay practice squad on one half of your line and on the other half are guys who just got their playbook on Wednesday (Exaggerating? Yes, but you get my point). Ask any lineman what they would rather do, run or pass block? They will all say run block because it’s easier. The coaching staff should have made it easier for the offense –

-I was going to write at some point last week that the Bills haven’t been getting as many penalties under Fewell. Glad I shelved that article. An NFL season-high 104 yards in penalties came in the first half. Maybe they should have practice indoors? –

-As far as T.O. and his amazing two catch performance goes, I’m done with the guy. Time to put James Hardy or Steve Johnson in. Owens isn’t making the team better and isn’t even making an effort to help. It has taken me a while to come around to the idea of benching him, but after his Ferris Bueller type day off on Friday, it’s time to cut his snaps.
-BTW, can we even get someone to ask Owens why the hell he was in Toronto, instead of being in bed with a thermometer in his mouth? Then you wonder why Buffalo fans always complain about the media not holding people accountable. If this was NYC, they’d have the paparazzi at his house-

-Seriously, I don’t think Santa Claus could handle the Bills Christmas list for next year. Besides running back and some of the DB’s, the Bills need an overhaul on every single level of their football team-

PS: Who in the blue hell is Andre Ramsey?

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