T.O. can’t get enough of Toronto

So Terrell Owens is following in the footsteps of former Bills player, Willis McGahee, with their unshakable love for Toronto. However, I doubt McGahee ever went to Tornoto the same day he was unable to practice because of the “Whine Flu” that Terrell Owens must have caught.

According to Allen Wilson from TBN and Terrell Owens tweets, T.O. decided that he couldn’t get enough of Toronto, by taking a field trip there for the day. Last I checked, the city of Toronto hasn’t found the cure for the common cold.

Owens was taking in an autograph session at around 4:30pm at Sears (Couldn’t you at least go to JC Penney?), and then concluded his adventure in Canada by taking in a Raptors game at night. Thank goodness the Leafs were playing in Buffalo and the Blue Jays are in offseason selling mode, or Owens may have made the day into a triathlon of sporting events.

I’m sure we all know that T.O. hasn’t practiced the last two days because of an “illness,” but felt good enough to take an hour and half drive or Chopper, who knows at this point with this egomaniac, to Toronto.

Look, I’ve said it before about T.O. and his frequent flyer mile trips across country, if he’s playing well, he should go away on his off days. However, if he’s not on the same page with his quarterback, how about once in a while coming in on a Monday to look at film.

This situation however is pathetic! Lets reset the situation for a bit. On Wednesday coach Perry Fewell decided to have the first 20 minutes of practice outside. From what I heard, it was pretty dam cold in Buffalo and T.O. was colder than his reality show’s ratings. He made no bones about his displeasure with the weather and practicing outside. I should warn you that most of his comments about it sounded very tongue and cheek.

Then came Thursday and Friday, and he couldn’t practice because of a mystery “illness.” Some members in the media cried foul and wondered if this was just T.O.’s way of bailing out of a cold practice.

I’m not saying T.O. was pretending to be sick. Hell, he could have felt like garbage Thursday and got a little better Friday morning. I’ll even give him being sick and practicing football is totally different then driving to watch a game.

However, what I do have a problem with is how this clown decided not to drive to practice and at least watch it. Maybe watch some film, pollish some footballs, take a pass from Brian Brohm. You know, try and be a member of this football team. Now if Owens decided to play hooky, which wouldn’t shock me considering he milked the entire preseason with a toe injury, the he’s completely dead to me.

Not showing up to practice for a pleasant “how you doing” to fellow players, is not being a good teammate. That’s just you doing your own thing because you are completely over being a Buffalo Bill.
Not only that, he’s showing up the team and his coaching staff by twittering that he’s in Toronto signing autographs for T.O. fans (Sorry, but there’s about 10 Bills fans in Toronto these days). Owens twittering his fun adventures, is like someone at the office working his tail off, only to have some jackass worker text you that he’s having a Ferris Bueller type of a day. It’s going to tick you off!

Perry Fewell, If you really want to get the people of Buffalo really behind you; Bench this clown! Show your boldness. You think Bill Parcells or Bill Cowher would be cool with a player missing practice because he’s “sick,” only to travel to Toronto for a game? I’m sure T.O. wasn’t watching game film in his limo on the way there. He probably was watching reruns of his stupid ass reality show.

Now look, I’m going to play a little Devils Advocate. Would I be as pissed off if Terrell Owens decided to watch the Sabres play against the Leafs? Yes. This is about not being at practice in any form. If T.O. goes to practice and watches, and then decides to leave for Toronto or a Sabres game, or take a private shuttle to the moon, maybe I would be in a better place with it. But showing up his team by not even attending practice is completely unacceptable.

Perry, I know you want this Bills job, but take it from me. You’re better off benching the guy and showing the organization and the league that no player is bigger than the team. You can be the first interem coach to ever say enough to Terrell Owens. Hell, it worked for Mike Singletary when he cursed out Vernon Davis and sent him to the locker room during a game.
Forget beating the Patriots, Perry. Show the NFL landscape what other defenses have been doing to Owens, shut him down.
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