Bills vs Pats preview

Since everyone knows the last time the Bills beat the Patriots in Buffalo, I’m going to spare you with the history lesson of how bad this one sided rivalry has been. The Bills have lost every imaginable way possible. What makes the series more of a riddle is how the Bills can’t put on a good effort in front of the home crowd. In the last five home games against the Patriots, the Bills have been outscored by 13, 46, 22, 28 and 10 points. Well, at least their improving.

-What is with all this “Randy Moss wasn’t trying” hoopla? It’s not exactly breaking news here. I find it funny how the ESPN talking heads were all over Moss on Sunday and Monday, then Merrill Hodge comes out and says he reviewed the tape and concluded that Moss showed good effort against the Panthers. Um, isn’t that like Tiger’s mistresses coming out and saying we didn’t sleep with the dude. Anyways, Moss has owned the Bills. In five games with the Patriots, Moss has 33 catches for 450 yards, and 6 touchdowns. I think this is the wrong week for the Bills to play against a pissed off Randy Moss-

-I’ve been one to speak highly about the Bills secondary this season, but I can’t help but notice how the Bills defensive back’s shinning moments have come against the likes of Matt Cassel, Mark Sanchez & Jake Delhomme. Lets not forget that Brady passed for over 300 yards in the season opener. Whenever the Bills have contained a big time passer like Brees or Schaub, they would always give up almost 200 yards rushing-

-I think in order for the Bills to have a chance against the Patriots they have to be able to run the football. The Patriots are ranked 16th against the run and the Bills are at their best when they can run the football and take pressure off the passing game. It also seems that Fred Jackson may have the Patriots number (OK, I’m exaggerating about the number). Jackson has rushed for almost 200 yards in the last two games against New England, including a 136 yard effort last December-

-I know fans only remember the season opener for the McKelvin fumble, but the reason the Bills were in control of that game was because they were able to blitz Brady effectively and stifled the Patriots defense with running screen passes. Then the Patriots got pissed off and realized they were playing the Bills, and outscored them by 14 points in the last 2:10 of the game-

-Speaking of running backs, if you are in need of a waiver wire pick-up in fantasy football for this week, pick up Laurence Maroney. Don’t believe me? Just ask Ryan Moats, Mike Bell & Jamaal Charles-

-It will be interesting to see how much of Bill Belichick’s ego will get involved in this game. Everyone knows that the key to beating the Bills is running the football down their throat. But we all know the Hoodie isn’t one to do something so common place. Look for the Patriots to unleash the passing hounds of hell on the Bills. Belichick is all about winning..and humiliating opponents-

-I find it funny how Perry Fewell keeps telling the media that the reason why Brian Brohm isn’t in his plans is because he’s still learning the playbook. Um, OK. Didn’t the Bills start Kendall Simmons and Chris Draft the same week they signed them? We all know that Fewell isn’t about developing a player, considering he’s coaching for a job next season. But when does the idea of Ryan Fitzpatrick being the best option to win, start to fade away? His job has to be in somewhat jeopardy after passing for less than 100 yards in the last two games. The thought of Belichick game planing against Fitzpatrick tells me that this may be Fitzpatrick’s last hurrah.

-During the Buffalo News video preview of the game, Mark Gaughan mentioned how the Bills beating the Patriots wouldn’t duplicate the energy of ending the “0 for the 70’s streak” against the Dolphins. I think Mark has to realize that these Bills fans are a lot different from the fans of the early 80’s. Buffalo fans have been trained to look for the silver lining in anything and then exploiting it. These are the same fans who have sold out Ralph Wilson Stadium every year and threw two rallies for players coming to Buffalo (T.O. and Bledsoe). Trust me, if the Bills beat the Patriots, it’s going to make a lot of fans feel that Perry Fewell is the answer to their prayers. Again, it doesn’t take much to feed the average Buffalo fan’s appetite-

Prediction time: The Bills have been bad against the Patriots this decade, but have been worse against the Pats the second time around in a season; being outscored 192-29 in their last six 2nd time around games. That’s what happens when Belichick has film to dissect the first outing and the rest of your games. Something tells me the Patriots will be ready for the Bills screen passes this time around. Patriots make it 13 straight.

Patriots: 34
Bills: 14

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