Sabres youth is being served

Fun back and forth hockey game tonight. Of course, scoring seven goals combined for an offensive minded fan like myself will help. The best part about tonight’s game for me was that Ryan Miller didn’t have to be the hero, instead it was the youth of the Sabres that prevailed. Guys like Kaleta, Kennedy & Sekera were key components in tonight’s win. If the Sabres are going to go deep into the playoffs, the are going to have to get scoring from their young players.

I’ve mentioned before how the Sabres should thank their lucky stars that Ryan Miller is their goalie, but where would the Sabres be if they didn’t have the young guys that I mentioned earlier (Tyler Myers too).

The youth of Buffalo may not score on a nightly basis, but showing up every night is something that ought to make a Buffalo fan feel pretty good about the future.

-Pat Kaleta’s favorite player growing up was Matt Barnaby, hence the reason he wears number 36. Keleta plays the same physical style as his idol. But now Kaleta is mimicking Barnaby’s scoring style. Kaleta’s scoring arsenal won’t ever be confused with Brett Hull, but he knows how to be on the other end of a give and go. I’m also a big fan of his little fist pump goal celebration-

-To think that Tyler Myers is only 19-years old and has shown no signs of slowing down is quite remarkable. He leads the team in ice-time and played 28:07 of tonight’s game. More importantly, Lindy Ruff has all the confidence in the world for his young defenseman. With all the talk about Ruff not overusing Miller, I’m surprised no one has raised the same question with Myers. But again, he’s showing no signs of tiring-

-Look, I know I’ve been very hard on Thomas Vanek, but his effort on the Clarke MaCarthur Power play goal was pretty cool. Vanek stood his ground against Hal Gill in front of the Montreal net, and when Gill had no choice but to wrestle Vanek to the ground, it left a clear passing lane for Drew Stafford to feed MaCarthur for the game winner-

-I don’t know about you, but the Montreal Canadians need to fire their coach. I don’t know who he is and how long he has been on the job for. But the Habs look as if they are sleeping walking and are lacking motivation-

-Really enjoyed listening to the WGR post game show after Sabres games. It’s a good hour of programming and really informative for a hockey fan. However, lets can the Sabres comparison to the 2005-2006 season. The only comparison between that team and the team today is that they both have Mike Grier and some good grit. That team could score goals at will..this one can’t-

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