New Sabres jersey for next year? is reporting that the Buffalo Sabres are doing away with the so-called “slug” logo on both its home/blue and road/white jerseys, presumably returning, full-time, to the club’s original “cross-swords” logo, now in use on the throw-back third jersey.

Mind of Joe
Look, I hate jersey talk! What am I? A girl, that cares what someone is wearing? However, this isn’t exactly a shock for Sabres fans. Everyone knows that the hideous Donald Trump hair piece Jersey’s weren’t exactly a fan favorite. Hell, I still haven’t heard of a media market that dedicated as much hard hitting news to the scandal of the Sabres new logo.

I remember hearing an interview with Larry Quinn before the season started, that the club may do something special, uniform wise, with the 40th anniversary of the team coming next year.

Of course, they cynic in me (Who, me?) knows that this is just another cash cow grab for the team to sell new jerseys. Who ever heard of a professional team to ditch their new uniforms after just four seasons?

I actually feel bad for the kid, who had to put down almost $200 for a Banana slug, Jason Pominville jersey. Sorry Mom and Dad, but your going to have to fork over another 200 bills, so your kid doesn’t get beat up in school.

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