Sabres thoughts

-Sorry, but I don’t care if Adam Mair had his own Sportscenter highlight reel against the Devils on Monday Night. What the hell is Lindy Ruff thinking putting Mair with Thomas Vanek and Tim Connolly? Why not put Nathan Gerbe (who was recalled today) with the duo. Instead, Gerbe will die on the 4th line with guys like Matt Ellis and Pat Kaleta. Maybe, Darcy Reiger should finally get the hint that there is some dead weight on this team (Roy and Connolly spring to mind)-

-Lets see how the “mean” Lindy Ruff fairs tonight against the Capitols. After the dreadful performance against the Devils, Ruff decided to make his players have an hour and half long practice the next day. I guess I should have goose bumps all over me because Ruff decided to ride his players into the ground because of their terrible performance. When are fans and media members going to learn that these Sabres (besides Miller) are the same players they were the last two years. They show up every other night, and even when they do, they don’t exactly light the world on fire-

-Big test for the Sabres tonight as they face off against the best team in the NHL, the Washington Capitols. I wonder if Alexander Ovechkin is going to get thrown out of the game tonight? Ovechkin has been thrown out of a couple of games against the Sabres for some dirty hits-

-I’m sorry, but I don’t buy into the excuse that the Sabres are in a funk because Mike Grier and Paul Gaustad are out of the line-up. What? Were Grier and Gaustad going to score two goals each against the Devils? I doubt that. The Sabres still had problems scoring even with the duo in the line-up. Sure, their leaders, but when you are playing with guys like Roy and Connolly and so on, even if you’re William Wallace or General Patton, how much motivation can you really give to a team that has heard it all before-

-Message to Sabres apologists, I don’t want to hear about how the NHL Stanley Cup playoffs are a crap shoot, and all you have to do is get in to have a chance. What big upsets have happened over the years? The final four from last year were the Hurricanes, Black Hawks, Red Wings, and Penguins. Sorry, no Cinderella stories in that bunch. That approach is exactly what the Sabres brass wants to hear. If you’re with that company line, then you should be happy with just having a football team in Buffalo. Be greedy for change, people!

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