Terrell Owens celebrated his 36th birthday party in NYC

What? Did you think T.O. was going to close down Utopia and have a birthday party in Downtown Buffalo? Doubt that. T.O. celebrated by throwing himself a party in New York City — $30 general admission, $50 for “V.I.Ps” — and his mom surprised him by coming to town.

What the hell is VIP treatment suppose to consist of? You get to have a cameo in the “T.O. Show?” Maybe Owens will put you through a banner of tests to see if you can become his new assistant. Seriously, what celebrities would show up to this event? Freddie Mitchell? Roy Williams? Producers from VH1? Stephen A. Smith? Pablo would be there…wohoo!

The funniest thing to me (won’t be for Owens), was how nobody cared about him having his party. I remember a couple years ago ESPN and other media outlets were covering his party in Dallas and Philadelphia. Besides a happy birthday mention on PTI, it has become a non-story.

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