Devils vs Sabres recap

That was bad. For all you Sabres fans who hoped the team was breaking out of their scoring barrage, think again. Martin Brodeur tied Terry Sawchuck for most career shutouts in NHL history. Honestly, it could of been Martin Sheen in net and the result would of been the same. The Sabres lacked effort and passion in this one. When you can only muster 22 shots against one of the greatest goalies in NHL history, you aren’t going to win-

-I’m soooo over picking on someone from the Sabres top two lines. Throw all the top six forward’s names in a hat, and whoever you pull out, the story is the same. Lack of effort or not being aggressive. You pick one-

-Admit it, after the Sabres fell behind by three goals, did you really think they were going to come back? I sure as hell didn’t. This team isn’t built to overcome two-three goal deficits-

-I am not the type to get heavily involved with the back-up goaltending saga that so many media members and fans love to talk about, but I will do it just this one time. Why wouldn’t you play Patrick Lalime tonight? Lalime just spent the weekend getting conditioned in Portland and now he is going to be cold again, when the Sabres decide to play him. It would make too much sense for Ruff to play Lalime tonight against a not so high-octane offensive team like New Jersey. The Sabres have to play two strong offensive clubs in Washington and Chicago this week, so why not save Miller for those games-

-So Ryan Miller thinks the Florida Panthers and the New Jersey Devils are the dullest teams in the NHL. Hate to break the news there Ryan, but your team isn’t exactly keeping me awake during your 2-1 or 2-0 games. Just saying-

-Did the Zamboni machine forget to go through the Sabres end of the ice during the 1st intermission? That 2nd period was awful. It was a clunker! When the crappy analysts on Versus can put together a video montage of how bad the defense played in the second period, you know it’s bad. Guys falling over themselves in their own zone. Just embarrassing-

-Want something good? I thought Jochen Hecht played a nice game tonight-

-Real happy that Gilbert Perreault thinks the Sabres have a chance to go all the way (Read in TBN). Easy there, Gilbert. Remember, Rene Robert was forced into exile after he spoke up against the Sabres management. I think you could of saved your luxury box seats if you just said the team looks like a contender for the division. But Stanley Cup contender? I don’t think so-

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