Bills vs Jets quick recap

Oh what a night! No, I’m not talking about the Bills game, but the fact that I was able to pretty much run the entire Buffalo News Bills chat. Yes, I had my day in the sun. I lived a sports fan’s dream. In case you didn’t know, TBN had some technical issues at the Rogers Centre last night. Once the game started, I guess the Internet went down in the press box, and Mike Harrington and Jerry Sullivan were unable to get on. I decided to take matters into my own hands. I asked the moderator if it was cool, if I could run the chat. Moderator said sure, and I was on my way. I’d have to say I was really exhausted after chatting up a storm. I’m hoping the TBN staff will send me a Christmas card, along with some of Jerry Sullivan’s chili at the Wellington Pub. Here is the link to the chat. Here is hoping I didn’t destroy their core audience that TBN has built over the last 2 years on their website.

Anyways back to reality. To coin the phrase from Denny Green, The Bills are who we thought they were!!.. and that is bad.

-So much for my theory that Ryan Fitzpatrick was playing better than Mark Sanchez. Fitzpatrick was dreadful. Jim Breuer, err.. Fitzpatrick completed 9 of 23 throws for 98 yards, only 28 of those yards came after halftime. Fitzpatrick had the hat-trick when it came to missing his wide receiver targets. High, low, & sideways. You name it, Fitzpatrick was Stevie Wonder. Like I said waaaaaaaaay back in week five, the future quarterback of the Buffalo Bills isn’t on this roster-

-Poor Toronto. In the two games the Bills have played in the Rogers centre, the paid..errr, free attendance have had to see the following quarterbacks: JP Losman, Chad Pennington, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Mark Sanchez, and Kellen Clemens. Only one touchdown has been thrown in the two games. Where’s Doug Flutie when you need him?-

-You want to know why the Bills running back by committee doesn’t work for them? All you have to do is look at the Jets two backs, Thomas Jones and Shonn Greene. Both the New York running backs have very distinct running styles. Jones runs between the tackles, while Greene is a guy who has the great speed to take it to the outside. Their styles of running can really off balance a defense like the Bills. Jackson and Lynch on the other hand, run way too similar and don’t give the Bills any sort of yin & yang like it does for the Jets-

-What exactly was Perry Fewell’s philosophy in using Marshawn Lynch primary in the first half, then going away from him in the second half? I’ve said it before, pick a running back from the duo and run him into the ground. Splitting carries hasn’t worked for this team all year. There’s a reason why the top four rushing games for a Bill came with Fred Jackson. It was because the team gave the ball exclusively to Jackson-

-I know everyone will come away from this game talking about how T.O. was shut down by Darrelle Revis. But I could of told that was going to happen on Monday. The biggest thing fans should be taking notice is where the hell has Lee Evans gone? One catch for 38 yards against the Jets. Four catches and less than a 100 yards in his last 3 games, COMBINED! You want to talk about a player not earning his money on the team this year, Evans is your crook. I’m getting a little sick and tired hearing that Evans is a legit number one wide. Eric Moulds had a 94-catch, 1300 yards plus season when Rob Johnson was his starter. Either way, Evans needs to step up next year and the years beyond, or he may be used in same breathe as other crooks, like Rob Johnson and Derrick Dockery-

-Almost 600 yards rushing given up by the Bills against the Jets this season. I’m not a scout, but when it comes to stopping the run, the omen is on the front seven. Way too many times this season lineman and linebackers (or converted safeties) have over pursued the run. In the offseason, the Bills either have to get new players in the front seven or dump the Cover 2 Defense-

-Whether it’s Bill Cowher, Mike Shanahan, or Dennis Green, the Bills need to wipe out everyone in their football operations department. Even if the Bills bring a guy like Shanahan or Cowher, the duo is going to need a strong GM mind to bring in quality players. Way too many draft pick misses on this team. Lets not forget, players who have received phat raises since playing here. You hear me, Marcus Stroud and Lee Evans?-

-I just love how the Bulldog on WGR, was rooting against the Bills because he can’t stand the team playing its games in Toronto. I wonder if he said the same thing a couple of years ago, when the Sabres played a couple of their regular season games in Rochester? Doubt that-

-Look, I’ve made my matters clear on the Toronto experiment. The Bills need it. Yes, it stinks that the atmosphere is like a golf tournament. But in order to keep up with the “Joness,” the Bills need other revenue to make their franchise economically viable in today’s NFL-

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