Random Sabres/Bills thoughts

-Are you ready for some football Toronto?!! Yeah…I doubt they care. Look, I’ve made my thoughts clear on the Bills/Toronto relationship. It has to be done so the Bills can compete with the New York’s and Dallas’ of the world. Remember, Dallas is charging half a million dollars for a luxury box a year. They have almost 200 of those boxes to sell. You think Buffalo has companies that will pony up that much money? Sorry, but Anchor Bar doesn’t sell that many chicken wings-

-My biggest problem with the ordeal has been how the Roger’s people have done such a poor job in marketing the event. Get some Canadian entertainers to perform the national anthem or a concert at half-time. How about Wayne Gretzky or Doug Flutie doing the coin toss? Better yet, have the Bills go to Toronto for the week and have open practices. Try and create a Super Bowl type buzz for the week. Do you really think Canadians want to see a Fitzpatrick vs Sanchez duel? –

-Do I think Canadians will get into the Bills in Toronto? Chances are 30/70. The Bills have to get a better product on the field. I’m talking a high octane offense with a lot of superstar players. Canadians aren’t stupid, they aren’t going to buy into the Bills if they are mediocre(Even though we do). If the Bills don’t make any sort of strides in the offseason to better their team, don’t be surprised if Toronto gets a better opposition for the Bills next season. Can you say New England?

-I’m sorry, but I’m still not convinced that the Sabres are a top four team in the East. Sure, they are doing something they didn’t do last year, which is beat down lesser opponents. But I just don’t have much faith in their top six forwards as of yet. Now, will the Sabres make the playoffs? Most likely. But will they really do any damage? Unless Darcy Reiger makes a trade to add some scoring punch to the team, I don’t see it happening-

-Lots of talk about the”Not overrunning Ryan Miller because of the Olympics.” Look, I know that a lot of fans and media members are looking towards what Dominik Hasek did in 1998 and 2002, when he started in the Olympics and went deep into the NHL playoffs. I just can’t get it out of my head how after Miller signed his new contract with the Sabres, he told Lindy Ruff he wanted to work out a more compatible playing schedule. If your goalie says he’s tired of playing almost 70 games a year, then the Sabres and fans should be worried about wearing him out-

-All won’t be negative about the Sabres. Hey they have won three straight games. Miller is the reason for all this. If it wasn’t for him, this team would be in last place. It’s very hard for Lindy Ruff to decide to rest his best player, when he’s is the only reason the Sabres have been winning-

-Really like the idea of playing Vanek with Grier & Kennedy. Grier is a professional and he will chew your ear out if he sees you dogging it on the ice. You think Grier cares about how much money Vanek is earning this year? Hopefully, Vanek won’t be using ear plugs when he’s on the ice-

-Can someone tell me what the appeal of coaching the Houston Texans is? I keep hearing how Shanahan and Cowher are very interested to see if a coach opening occurs in the lone star state. Look, do the Texans have better players than the Bills. Sure, but not by much. I’m not trying to be Bills apologist over here, I know Buffalo isn’t exactly the most attractive place to coach. But this isn’t Notre Dame verses UB. Maybe, some of these coaches are really scared to work for Ralph Wilson and his cash to the cap philosophy.

-Don’t you just love it when players bad mouth their former bosses? All of a sudden, T.O. and Donte Whitner decided to tell it how it was, when Dick Jauron coached as conservative as a Nun. I swear, did we ever hear a player go off on Jauron after costing the team a game? Maybe, it had to do with Jauron giving the players easy practices and god forbid calling them out in public-

-I’m still in Buffalo, so this blog will be quick. Don’t worry, I will be back to my normal daily writings by Friday-

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