Weekend quick thoughts

Again sorry for the lack of posts. I’m still in Buffalo till Wednesday and getting to a computer is an issue.

-Nice victory for the Sabres today against the Flyers. I still don’t know what we have with this team, but I’m leaning towards my preseason prediction that their somewhere between a 7th-9th seed-

-Here’s a suggestion for Lindy Ruff and his players, how about trying to be physical with the other 29 NHL teams. It seems like every time the Sabres play the Flyers, they always match them in the hitting department. Why can’t they try doing that with other teams? This specific Sabres team is built to fore check. Their 3rd and 4th lines are all blue-collar guys who for the most part can hit. We all know that the first two lines have gone games without having a legit impact on the scoring sheet. How about working around the talent that seem to show up every night-

-Look, I’m happy Tim Connolly had a 4-point game against the Flyers, but I’m getting a little tired of asking myself why we can’t get that Tim Connolly every game, instead of once every five games-

-Does Thomas Vanek still play for the Sabres? Vanek is a minus 7 in his last five games. I just don’t see the passion in his game that we saw the first 25 games of last season, when he was on pace to get 50-goals-

-Please keep Mike Martz away from my NFL franchise. I don’t care how many points he scored in St. Louis almost 10 years ago. The guy was fired from his last three jobs and he has a knack for getting his quarterbacks killed. He’s also the type of coach who would throw 50 times in a blizzard and not give the ball enough to his running backs. Sorry, that wouldn’t work here.-

-When did NFL coaches become so greedy? I’m not talking about the 10 million plus that it will cost to bring in coaches like Cowher and Shanahan. Gone are the days of guys like Bill Parcells who would take the biggest pile of you know what and try to resurrect the franchise. I keep hearing pundits say that guys like Shanahan and Cowher want to go to franchises that have established quarterbacks. Last I checked, whenever a coach normally gets fired, the franchise isn’t exactly going to be in good shape, hence the reason why the previous coach was fired. I guess coaches like these think they are too good to rebuild-

-I know this is a crazy thought, but would you give up your next two draft classes to get the rights to Bill Belichick? I would. That thought got me thinking, maybe the Bills could go to a team like the Titans, and offer a couple of draft picks for the rights to Jeff Fisher. This use to be a common practice earlier this decade, when the Chiefs gave up a 1st rounder for Dick Vermeil and the Buccs gave up a couple of picks for Jon Gruden-

-So now Jim Kelly hates quarterbacks from California and thinks the Bills need to keep away from the West coast for their next signal caller. I’m sorry, but that’s the stupidest point of view that I’ve ever heard. There’s a ton of great quarterbacks in the NFL who are from California. So, your telling me if Trent Edwards and JP Losman came from Brady, Pennsylvania they would be a hall of famers? BTW, if Kelly thinks Tim Tebow would be a great fit in the NFL, he shouldn’t be allowed to ever scout or make a pro personnel choice for the Bills. Mark my words, Tebow won’t be a good NFL quarterback-

-As for his comments on wanting to be more directly involved with the Bills and help recruit coaches and players, I don’t mind him telling players and coaches that Buffalo is a great city. I Hate to break the news to Buffalonians, but a lot of people outside of the city limits thinks our city may as well be the North Pole. If there is one thing you can say about Kelly, it’s that he really loves the city of Buffalo. Maybe he can convince players that the city treats its football players like gods. However, that’s all I want him to do. Take the players to Anchor Bar and Mintz night club, because if he starts getting involved with throwing in his two scents about specific players in FA and the draft, that’s going to be a disaster! Pro personnel people need to start at the bottom in the NFL. Matt Millen proved that point-

-If there is one guy who shouldn’t rear his head at the Law office of Celino & Barnes, it’s Derek Roy. If you don’t know, every time Derek Roy scores a goal, the Attorney’s, who have more air-time than Mike Robitaille on Sabres games, will donate $1,000 to the Diabetes foundation. Right now, Roy has four goals on the season and is on pace to have his worse season since being a rookie-

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