Bills lose to Jags Recap

The coaches and players my change, but the result remains the same. The constant for the Buffalo Bills over the last four years has been their inability to go for the kill. Too many times the Bills have had control of a football game, yet their inability to finish a team off when they are against the ropes, reared its ugly head today in Jacksonville. It may of been the Bills best all-around effort since week one against the Pats, but effort only gets you brownie points in the NFL. The team just doesn’t have enough talent on the roster to overcome turnovers, costly penalties & poor game management-

-I’ve said all along that my biggest problem with T.O. has been his effort at certain points this season. I’m also not a big fan of him going on three day excursions to Dallas and LA, when he should be in the film room trying to get better. But, you can’t knock his game over the last two weeks; 12 catches, 279 yards, and one touchdown. I know the talking heads at WGR and TBN feel that it’s “imperative” for the Bills to get James Hardy on the field as soon as possible. I find it amusing how Jerry Sullivan spoke of how Hardy was a complete bust last year, but now is the time to see what they have with the former 2nd rounder. I’ve said it before, if the Bills really want to see James Hardy play, then demote Josh Reed. Reed is a FA after this year and has been a big disappointment. Seriously though, do you think James Hardy is going to learn anything with Ryan Fitzpatrick and that god awful line playing in front of him-

-To me, the talk of the Bills benching T.O. is all about selling newspapers and radio time. I was laughing earlier this week when Mike Schopp said that T.O. was underminding Trent Edwards for throwing a temper tantrum on the sideline and should be benched for it. Why was I laughing? Because so many media experts in March said that the Owens signing was great because he would go off and yell about how the Bills were playing. In there words, he would disrupt the status quo of the team not caring. Now, it’s a sin to be emotional on the sidelines. So go figure-

-How about the kick ass suit Perry Fewell was wearing for pre-tape interviews for CBS? I’d take that suit over Dick Jauron’s Clint Eastwood sunglasses. Besides the wardrobe, I thought Fewell got his guys ready to play today and it showed especially on the defensive front. Holding James Jones-Drew to 66 yards rushing is an accomplishment-
-Now is Fewell going to win 100 NFL games? No, but you want to know what got me thinking he can motivate in this league? Roscoe Parish made a stupid play fielding a punt inside the 5-yard line. So what does Fewell do? He takes him out for the next punt return to let him know he made a mistake. Of course, Parish still stunk on his final return, but it was still a good message from Fewell.
-So was I the only one who took notice of Fewell pumping his fist and giving high fives to the players? In other words, I didn’t really miss seeing Skeletor on the sidelines-
-Last note on Jauron, if I have to hear another ESPN or Jauron crony speak on how Dick should be mentioned in the same breath as Mother Teresa, Gandhi & the Peace Core, I’m going to vomit. It was great to hear Steve Mariucci, who coached with Jauron, say that he’s friends with him and that he never should of been fired mid-season. Way to warn us that you’re biased towards Jauron, and then give a complete biased statement. Bottom line, Jauron was the boot-leg version of “Robin Hood” of NFL coaches. He stole from the rich (Wilson paying his salary) and didn’t give any of it to to poor (Bills fans) –

-All isn’t rosy on the Fewell front though. What the hell was with the play calling towards the end of the first half? Everyone knows the Bills should of took a timeout with 20 seconds left, which would of given the Bills two cracks at the endzone inside the 10-yard line. Hell, even The Sweet Home high school football coach would of called timeout. Even Dick Jauron would of..nah, he wouldn’t of-
-The poor clock management didn’t stop there, the call for Fitzpatrick to spike the ball at the Jacksonville 45-yard line with less than a minute left was ill-advised. Your offense isn’t good enough to waste a down, especially when you still have amicable time to get into field goal range to tie the game-

-I’ve run out of reasons to think why the Bills are snake bitten by injuries. Is it because Rusty Jones was fired years ago? Is it because of light practices in training camp? Are the Bills players just too undersized? Are the players not drinking enough Gatorade? I just don’t know, but whoever takes over as the new czar of the Bills football operations, has to look into it-

-We all remember the movie “Major League,” with Charlie Sheen. I think Ryan Fitzpatrick is the football version of Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughan. He has a good arm, but he may need some eye glasses, because he’s all over the place with his delivery of the football. Too many throws were behind or at the feet of his wide receivers today-
-At least the passing game did show some life today. The Bills finally got off the snide and had a quarterback throw for over 200 yards. Now, if the Bills can just get to the 300-yard passing mark, something that hasn’t been obtained since 2006. Don’t hold your breathe on that one-

-Even when the Bills don’t get as many penalties as they have in the past, they still find ways to get penalties at the worse possible times. The two touchdowns called back on penalties ended up being the defining moment for the Bills today. Of course, the penalties were called on the 3rd string rookie tight end and the 4th string offensive tackle-

-Even though the Bills defense only gave up seven points in the 4th quarter, it was Deja vu all over again. The defense had another 4th quarter collapse, mainly because they were on the field for almost 25 minutes of the second half. You can tell on the last drive by Jacksonville, the defense was completely gassed. Also Jacksonville going 8 of 15 on 3rd down didn’t help the defense’s cause –
-BTW, was I the only person yelling at the TV Screen for about 10 seconds that Garrard was going to run a quarterback draw on the 2-point conversion? Obviously, Poz must of missed that, but what else is new?-
-If the media wants to run T.O. out of the starting line-up, how about making a run at Marshawn Lynch. He’s not the same back the Bills saw as a rookie two years ago. He dances way too much and just doesn’t seem to hit the hold as hard as he use too. On the other hand, Fred Jackson hits the hole hard and has great field vision to find the holes-
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