Don’t count out Perry Fewell

Lost in all the coaching rumors is that the Bills have a new head coach. Perry Fewell put his stamp on the team Wednesday and Thursday making the players practice in full pads on back to back days. This is something that Dick Jauron had never done before.

It was funny reading on twitter how Donte Whitner was sore yesterday after practice. Good! It’s about time these players lose the routine of “Club Dick” that they were accustomed to.

How great was it to actually have a head coach talk to the media who finally has some emotion. For three years it seemed like Bills fans were listening to a eulogy when Dick Jauron spoke. At least Fewell has a good catch phrase, “Play like hell and win.”

What was Jauron’s catch phrase? “He’s smart and I have to look at the film” or my personal favorite, “I take full responsibility.”

Here’s the deal with Fewell, he’s on a seven week interview with the Bills. I’m not going to lie, a part of me wants Fewell not to do well with the Bills. We all know Mr. Wilson is about rewarding mediocrity (Ask, Dick Jauron). If Fewell goes 5-2 down the stretch and the Bills show some sort of offensive life, you can’t put it past Wilson to remove the term interim from Fewell’s title. The Bills could then take the approach that the reason why the team was so bad was because of Jauron and keep all of the pieces in place in the front office.

Remember what happened last year when the 49ers fired Mike Nolan. Mike Singletary came in as the interim head coach and showed a ton of fire and the team finished the season strong. The 49ers rewarded Singletary with a new extension.

The big problem for Fewell is that if the Bills go out and find a new football personnel guy (which Ralph Wilson says they are doing), the new hire is going to want to bring in his own coach. Fewell’s only hope is for the Bills to keep Modrak/Guy/Brandon as the main guys, which would make Bills fans want to jump off the Peace Bridge.

I wish Fewell the best, but not in Buffalo.

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