Tony Dungy as your 2010 Bills head coach?

Tony Dungy

Resume: Dungy has a 139-79 record in 13 seasons as the head coach of Tampa Bay and Indianapolis. He’s made the playoffs in 11 seasons and has has six division titles under his belt. He’s also the architect of the “Cover 2” defense and helped turn around one of the worst franchises in NFL history (Tampa Bay). Dungy’s crowing achievement came in 2006, when he led the Colts to the World Championship.

Mind of Joe
You thought Dick Jauron was a player’s coach? Dungy makes Jauron look like General Patton. Everyone loves Dungy. Yes, there are similarities between he and Jauron with their low key approach and players respecting them. But that’s where the similarities end. Dungy has won everywhere. But pessimists may think Dungy has been lucky because he has had such amazing players. You look at the players Dungy has coached; Warren Sapp, John Lynch, Derek Brooks, Payton Manning, Reggie Wayne, Marvin Harrison, Dwight Freeney. The majority of them are going to the HOF. But I can’t ignore what he did in Tampa. He turned a franchise around that made the Bills of today look like the Yankees. If he can do it in Tampa, why couldn’t he do it in Buffalo? As for his time with Colts, making the playoffs year in and year out is good enough for me.

Mind of Ralph
Ralph loves to deal with nice football guys. That’s why it took him so long to fire Jauron. Wilson isn’t exactly enamored in the hard nose ways of a head coach or a GM (Just ask Bill Polian). Dungy would be an ideal personality that Wilson could deal with. Also, whose to say Dungy would want complete control. He has worked with strong GM’s in Tampa and Indy. I also can’t see Dungy wanting as much money as the other named coaches because he just doesn’t seem the type to want to be paid that amount of money. But the big problem is that Dungy is in his first year of retirement. I think Dungy is at least another 1-2 years away from going back to coaching.

Percentage that Dungy is the Bills head coach in 2010: 10%
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